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Sage Surratt and Boogie Basham set to Return for 2020 Season

I’ve never heard of a Saturday news dump

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Rice Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest got to unwrap a couple of early presents today as first, Carlos “Boogie” Basham announced that he was returning to Mother So Dear for his last year of eligibility.

With this news, it elevates the status of Wake’s DL. JaCorey Johns has had a quietly had a very productive season opposite Boogie at drop end. Shamar McCollum came in as a true freshman and made the 2-Deep because of ability, not need, and will only be getting better with another offseason under his belt. Royce Francis would probably be starting for this team if it was anyone else but Boogie in front of him. At DT, not only does getting Sulaiman Kamara back help, but the 5 of him, Tyler Williams, Rondell Bothroyd, Dion Bergan and Miles Fox(who was well on his way to starting before suffering a season ending injury) gives Wake a good problem to have. With Boogie being back, this DL becomes one that is be absolutely feared as it not only has talent with the starters, but has depth. Something that has been rough for Wake Forest in the past.

Not to be outdone, Wake had another announcement waiting in the wings that was high on the wishlist for the fans. WR Sage Surratt also announced that he would be coming back for the 2020 campaign as a RS Junior.

With this, the outside receivers next year feel pretty set with Sage and Donavon Greene manning those two spots. Depth and Slot are questions I have with the corps as a whole but getting Sage back and watching Greene get better and better with every snap is encouraging and I’m sure Jamie Newman is loving the idea of having both of these weapons.

The other side of this entire thing is scholarship count. In a couple of days we will be updating the scholarship tracker. While everyone feels as if there are still needs for this team next year and moving forward, hence why Clawson is still recruiting for this year, it’s why you can never count someone’s scholarship gone just because they are having an insane year or have entered the transfer portal.

As a little birdie once said: “The numbers always find a way to work out.”

Happy Holidays Deacon fans. Let’s take over NYC in 6 days

Go Deacs