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The Skip Prosser Classic Resumes Today

The man behind the game meant so much to both schools

NCAA Men’s Basketball - NC State vs Wake Forest - February 10, 2005 Photo by Brian A. Westerholt/Getty Images

Every year when July 26th roles around social media is filled with tributes to George Edward “Skip” Prosser, the former Xavier and Wake Forest basketball coach who passed away after suffering a heart attack after jogging around the track on campus on July 26, 2007.

Today marks another day when Skip is remembered, through the Skip Prosser Classic played between the two schools every two years in his memory.

In a tribute that only makes sense, with Wake Forest’s permission, Xavier has expanded the series to include their next game on December 18th against Western Carolina. Skip’s son Mark is the coach of the Catamounts.

While some have argued that it makes no sense to play this game from a basketball standpoint, this game and series is about so much more than basketball. It’s about a man who never met a stranger and had a positive impact on the life of every single person he encountered. Wake Forest has never fully recovered from losing Skip, and maybe never will.

As former player Bobby Hoekstra said on twitter “there’s a Prosserism for every situation.” Perhaps the most quoted is “never delay gratitude,” a quote which the world would be a much better place if everyone lived by.

Regardless of your opinions of the current state of the basketball program, I encourage you to come out this afternoon and remember a great man who had an impact on so many at both Xavier and Wake Forest.

If you want to read more about Skip Prosser, I encourage you to read these articles from previous years:

Skip, in your own words I truly believe that one day “we’re going to be good again” and I look forward to the time when we can again say confidently before a big game against Duke or Carolina “meet me on the quad at midnight.” Rest in peace, Coach. You are still greatly missed.