Most Wonderful Time of The Year

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O IT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE's the holiday season and for the fourth straight year Wake Forest Football is going to a bowl game. The stockings are hung up high like Dom Maggio's punts and Boogie Basham may be on the naughty list because with double digit sacks this year he has proven that he is a badddddddddddddd man. Also Not to sound overly cliche but this is also a great time to spend with friends and family which is why I want to get personal for a second about how a friendship that influenced my love for the deacs.

About a month ago someone asked me why I decided to create the Ya Boy Stan Cotten twitter account. While there are a lot of reasons the most important one is that it allows me to connect with a community that appreciates Wake Athletics as much as I do. Unlike a lot of people who graduated from Wake I was not fortunate enough to spend all four years of my college career at Wake. Due to some very bad advice from a college counselor I didn't apply to Wake because he assured me I wouldn't get in.

Instead I went to another university for a year and worked to improve my grades so I could eventually transfer into Wake. I always think of transferring to Wake as the best decision I've ever made but also the hardest. Coming into Wake I didn't know too many current students and found myself trying to make friendships and connections as quickly as I could. My sister ended up connecting me with one of her former campers that she still stayed in touch with named Betsy. Betsy went out of her way to introduce me to Wake people and make sure that I felt welcomed on campus. She would invite me to her sorority events and to my first student tailgate for Wake Forest vs Baylor. Betsy's upbeat nature and warm demeanor made the transition into Wake a lot easier for me and I am eternally grateful to her for that.

Betsy and I stayed friends throughout our time at Wake until she tragically passed away in 2013. After her passing I found myself at a loss. Individuals deal with loss in their own way but for the next three months I chose the "wrong" ways of dealing with things. There were a lot of things I admired about Betsy but above everything else it was her love for all people but most importantly her love for the deacs.

In December of 2013 I decided to find a healthier way to express my feelings by surrounding myself with like minded people who also love the deacs. This is what ultimately led to me creating the Ya Boy Stan Cotten Twitter account. For the past five plus years I've seen what a unique and passionate fan base the smallest power five school in the nation has. I'm so thankful for all of you who interact with a fake twitter account and come up to me at events to say hi so here is what I am going to do:

I have four field level tickets for the Pinstripe Bowl that I want to give away to a Wake Fan. All you need to do is send me a tweet with a favorite Wake athletics memory or what Wake athletics means to you. I will randomly select one person on Saturday December 14th and the tickets are yours!!!!


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