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Recap In Haiku: Virginia Tech Humbles Wake Forest 36-17, Sage Surratt Injured

I just...uuuugh.

Wake Forest v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

What the hell was that

Seven and three here we come

I just don't know, man

That game was an absolute shaming. Honestly? I'd just give up on next week and get healthy for the last two games of the season. If Virginia Tech abused us this thoroughly, what on Earth is Clemson gonna do to us? Don't let the final score fool you; save a handful of plays, Wake got so utterly dominated you'd have thought it was next week already, and it may as well have been 63-0.

It's not as if this means the season as a whole is terrible or anything like that, but I can scarcely remember being more disappointed in a Wake Forest football team's performance.

God I hope Sage Surratt is okay.

On to the next I guess. Go Deacs.