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BSD Staff Week 10 ACC Power Rankings

Can anybody take down Clemson?

NCAA Football: Wofford at Clemson Adam Hagy-USA TODAY Sports

It’s another edition of our ACC Power Rankings, and it doesn't look like anybody is going to dethrone Clemson this year.

How it works: Each writer gives a ranking and a brief description. All rankings are averaged and compiled into an overall ranking.

Composite ACC Power Rankings

1) Clemson (9-0, 6-0)

Average Ranking: 1

Highest Ranking: 1

Lowest Ranking: 1

Last week: 1 (No Change)

2) Wake Forest (7-1, 3-1)

Average Ranking: 2

Highest Ranking: 2

Lowest Ranking: 2

Last Week: 2 (No Change)

Tie-3) Louisville (5-3, 3-2)

Average Ranking: 4

Highest Ranking: 3

Lowest Ranking: 6

Last Week: 3 (No Change)

Tie-3) Virginia (6-3, 4-2)

Average Ranking: 4

Highest Ranking: 4

Lowest Ranking: 4

Last Week: 4 (Up One Spot)

5) Virginia Tech (5-3, 2-2)

Average Ranking: 5.4

Highest Ranking: 3

Lowest Ranking: 9

Last Week: 8 (Up Three Spots)

6) Pittsburgh (6-3, 3-2)

Average Ranking: 6

Highest Ranking: 5

Lowest Ranking: 8

Last Week: 6 (No Change)

7) Miami (5-4, 3-3)

Average Ranking: 6.8

Highest Ranking: 6

Lowest Ranking: 8

Last Week: 10 (Up Three Spots)

Tie-8) North Carolina (4-5, 3-3)

Average Ranking: 5

Highest Ranking: 5

Lowest Ranking: 10

Last Week: 5 (Down Three Spots)

Tie-8) Boston College (5-4, 3-3)

Average Ranking: 8.4

Highest Ranking: 7

Lowest Ranking: 10

Last Week: 12 (Up Four Spots)

10) Duke (4-4, 2-3)

Average Ranking: 9

Highest Ranking: 8

Lowest Ranking: 10

Last Week: 9 (Down One Spot)

11) Florida State (4-5, 3-4)

Average Ranking: 11.2

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 12

Last Week: 6 (Down Five Spots)

12) North Carolina State (4-4, 1-3)

Average Ranking: 11.8

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 12

Last Week: 11 (Down One Spot)

13) Georgia Tech (2-6, 1-4)

Average Ranking: 13

Highest Ranking: 13

Lowest Ranking: 13

Last Week: 13 (No Change)

14) Syracuse (3-5, 0-4)

Average Ranking: 14

Highest Ranking: 14

Lowest Ranking: 14

Last Week: 14 (No Change)

Individual ACC Power Rankings


1) Clemson: Of course

2) Wake Forest: Great home win off a bye week!

3) Louisville: Well I had them here last week and they didn’t play so I don’t see any reason to move them

4) UVA: I think they solidified themselves as the #1 team in the coastal with a win @ unc this week

5) UNC: They lost at home to UVA, but all their losses are still by just 1 possession and Howell is a darn good QB.

6) Pitt: Bye

7) Miami: Went into Tallahassee and got Willie Taggart fired. They seem to play to the competition

8) Duke: Bye

9) VT: The Hokies lost @ Notre Dame but it looks like they are starting to get back to being a decent football team.

10) BC: They killed Syracuse, which basically means nothing.

11) FSU: They spend almost $18m to get rid of their coach

12) NC State: They only managed to score 10 points on a team that gave up 14 in the 1st quarter to 0-9 Rice.

13) GT: Bye

14) Syracuse: They are still winless in conference play, and they continue to get absolutely destroyed every week.


1) Clemson: no real debate here

2) Wake Forest: dominating performance, no debate here either but there’s a gap with Clemson

3) Louisville: beat the Deacs and still going strong.

4) Virginia: tough defense and leading the Coastal

5) Pittsburgh: quietly nipping at the Cavaliers for a Coastal lead.

6) Miami: talent finally shining through with wins over Virginia and Florida State

7) Virginia Tech: that defense is coming around and looking scary again. Tough loss to ND.

8) Boston College: big win over Cuse but everyone is doing that.

9) UNC: can’t seem to put it together. Now on wrong side of .500.

10) Duke: talent holds them back but not horrendous.

11) NC State: decimated by Wake. QB issues here.

12) Florida State: wow. A firing and big buyout.

13) Georgia Tech: won in Conference so no longer last.

14) Syracuse: what a fall from last year. Winless in the down ACC.


1) Clemson

2) Wake Forest

Both of these are absolute givens. I mean seriously, only ranked teams, only teams with less than THREE losses. After this though, I just don’t even know.

3) Virginia Tech: On the one hand, I don’t honestly believe they’re necessarily better than a bunch of these teams (UVA in particular) and I think their record is absolutely inflated by two FCS wins. On the other hand, they took Notre Dame to the absolute limit in South Bend and that’s a pretty huge deal.

4) UVA: I think they’ll win the Coastal.

5) Pitt: Bowl eligible, enough said.

6) Louisville: Contextually strong record, and hey, that win over us continues to look better.

7) Boston College: Dear Lord, they DESTROYED Syracuse.

8) Miami: Holy cow, they’re 5-4? What is this conference? I understand absolutely nothing anymore.

9) Duke: Sure, why not?

10) UNC: Losing record, but could easily be better off.

11) FSU: See ya, Willie.

12) NC State: Yikes.

13) Georgia Tech: Still #BetterThanCuse

14) Syracuse: 10 wins and a preseason ranking to this? Eesh.


1) Clemson

2) Wake

I feel like I don’t need to explain these two

3) VT: I know they just lost, but ND isn’t bad(they are overrated but a top 20 team nonetheless) they’ve really seemed to take care of business outside of whatever that Duke game was

4) UVA: I mean yeah they looked good, Perkins is good, sure

5) UL: This matchup vs Miami might e really really good!

6) Miami: I can’t quit this team

7) BC: Lost their QB and remembered they have 2 insane RBs

8) Pittsburgh: I just cant rank you high if you literally have no quarterback

9) Duke: still a bunch of frauds

10) UNC: Mack is back babyyyyy

11) FSU: What a dumpster fire

12) NC State: always next year!

13) GT: I don’t want to talk about it.

14) Syracuse: What another dumpster fire


1) Clemson: Unless they majorly mess up, they should have a clear path to the College Football Playoff for the fifth straight year.

2) Wake Forest: Finally came out hot after a bye week, and is in great position to land a nice bowl bid.

3) Louisville: Scott Satterfield should be coach of the year for this rebuild.

4) Virginia: Appears to have a clear path to the Coastal division championship.

5) Virginia Tech: They almost took down Notre Dame, and I sure wish Wake had played them earlier in the season.

6) Pitt: Still not entirely sure what to make of the rest of the conference.

7) Miami: They may be coming around and actually be a decent team.

8) North Carolina: All of their losses are close, but they’ve still lost too many game to be much higher.

9) Duke: They should make a bowl, but this season isn't turning out to be what it appeared early on that it could have been.

10) Boston College: Nice win over Syracuse, and they have some good running backs. Still not a great team though.

11) Florida State: They just fired a coach in the middle of the season. That automatically places you in the bottom four.

12) NC State: Definitely a rebuilding year for the Pack. They may not even make a bowl game.

13) Georgia Tech: Still a long ways to go before the Jackets are competitive again.

14) Syracuse: Still winless in the conference. Perhaps one of the worst falls from preseason expectations in recent memory.

How would you all rank the ACC? Comment below. If you’re a fan of another school, feel free to weigh in on your team’s ranking and season as well.