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BSD Staff Week 13 ACC Power Rankings

It’s the Hokies vs. the Wahoos for the Coastal Title

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Coastal Division Title comes right down to the last week, as Friday’s game between rivals Virginia and Virginia Tech decides who gets to take on Clemson in Charlotte for the ACC Championship.

How it works: Each writer gives a ranking and a brief description. All rankings are averaged and compiled into an overall ranking.

Composite ACC Power Rankings

1) Clemson (11-0, 8-0)

Average Ranking: 1

Highest Ranking: 1

Lowest Ranking: 1

Last week: 1 (No Change)

2) Virginia Tech (8-3, 5-2)

Average Ranking: 2

Highest Ranking: 2

Lowest Ranking: 2

Last Week: 2 (No Change)

3) Virginia (8-3, 5-2)

Average Ranking: 3.25

Highest Ranking: 3

Lowest Ranking: 4

Last Week: 3 (No Change)

4) Wake Forest (8-3, 4-3)

Average Ranking: 3.75

Highest Ranking: 3

Lowest Ranking: 4

Last Week: 4 (No Change)

5) Pittsburgh (7-4, 4-3)

Average Ranking: 5.5

Highest Ranking: 5

Lowest Ranking: 6

Last Week: 5 (No Change)

6) Louisville (7-4, 5-3)

Average Ranking: 5.75

Highest Ranking: 5

Lowest Ranking: 7

Last Week: 7 (Up One Spot)

7) Florida State (6-5, 4-4)

Average Ranking: 7.25

Highest Ranking: 7

Lowest Ranking: 8

Last Week: 8 (Up One Spot)

8) North Carolina (5-6, 3-4)

Average Ranking: 7.5

Highest Ranking: 6

Lowest Ranking: 8

Last Week: 9 (Up One Spot)

9) Miami (6-5, 4-3)

Average Ranking: 9

Highest Ranking: 9

Lowest Ranking: 9

Last Week: 6 (Down Three Spots)

10) Boston College (5-6, 3-4)

Average Ranking: 10

Highest Ranking: 10

Lowest Ranking: 10

Last Week: 10 (No Change)

11) Syracuse (4-7, 1-6)

Average Ranking: 11.75

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 12

Last Week: 11 (No Change)

12) Duke (4-7, 2-5)

Average Ranking: 12

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 13

Last Week: 12 (No Change)

13) Georgia Tech (3-8, 2-6)

Average Ranking: 12.25

Highest Ranking: 11

Lowest Ranking: 13

Last Week: 14 (Up One Spot)

14) North Carolina State (4-7, 1-6)

Average Ranking: 14

Highest Ranking: 14

Lowest Ranking: 14

Last Week: 13 (Down One Spot)

Individual ACC Power Rankings


1) Clemson: of course

2) VT: Shut out Pitt at home, I think they win the coastal with a win over UVA

3) Virginia: Beat Liberty, so nothing changes here

4) Wake Forest: Beat Duke at home, would have been a blow out if not for our pathetic kick coverage

5) Pitt: Shut out by the Hokies, but Blacksburg is a tough place to play.

6) UNC: Beat Mercer, so no change

7) Louisville: Beat Syracuse, but so has everyone else but Duke. 7 wins after last year is amazing.

8) FSU: Bye

9) Miami: Lost to FIU, I am so confused with the U. They seem to just play to the competition every game.

10) BC: Beat badly by Notre Dame, but that was expected.

11) GT: Beat NC State at home for their second conference win of the season

12) Syracuse: They got beat by Louisville, but they did score 34 points, so that’s a positive I suppose

13) Duke: Lost to Wake Forest, making that 5 in a row.

14) NC State: I have no idea what happened to the Wolfpack, but they’ve lost 5 in a row and 4 of them weren’t even close


1) Clemson: number one by a landslide at this point.

2) Virginia Tech: dominated Pittsburgh in Bud Foster’s last home game.

3) Virginia: could be 2 but what have you done for me lately.

4) Wake Forest: regrouped against Duke for the UNDISPUTED STATE CHAMPIONSHIP.

5) Louisville: another win gets the Ville up here

6) Pittsburgh: laid an egg against VTech but a lot of teams have lately.

7) Florida State: quietly winning a bunch of games.

8) UNC: Mercer had no chance!

9) Miami: loss to FIU is really brutal, especially for the talent level here.

10) Boston College: Notre Dame smoked BC

11) Duke: kick return game kept the Blue Devils in the game but the Deacs prevailed.

12) Syracuse: Louisville destroyed the Cuse. Likely a pretty empty final home game against Wake Forest.

13) Georgia Tech: beat NC State to move past them in conference wins.

14) NC State: hard to win with third string QBs but the slide back has continued to be brutal (5 straight L’s)


1) Clemson: I debated dropping them this week because they only beat the bye week by 10

2) Virginia Tech: This team looks actually legit and is only going to lose to Clemson by 30 if they manage to beat UVA

3) Wake Forest: Please figure out how to defend kickoffs, please. But Jamie looked good again, Hinton is amazing, defense has been very solid. Just clean up mistakes and get to the bowl game healthy at 9-3

4) UVA: Woohoo they beat an awful university. Now they get someone they haven’t beaten in 15 years that has decided to peak. Can Bryce Perkins carry the team one more time?

5) Louisville: Been actually a fine team lately. Should have another loss on their record(yes I’m still salty) but been a fine, fun team to watch. Can they handle Kentucky this week though?

At this point it got real hard...

6) Pitt: they got obliterated by VT but the defense fought well. Defense being so wasted by such a putrid offense that somehow beat UCF!

7) FSU: Talent wins out to me and they have a doozy of a game coming with UF. lol sure

8) UNC: Sam Howell is gonna be really, really good.

9) Miami: You just can’t lose to FIU like that man.

10) BC: Wish they had a QB cause wasting Dillon and Bailey is just criminal

11) Syracuse: I have no idea about this team man


13) Duke: Suck it and get an actual offense

14) NC State: you lost to Georgia Tech.


1) Clemson: No explanation necessary. Maybe Virginia Tech keeps it at least within 20 in the ACC Championship game if they make it...doubtful though.

2) Virginia Tech: Probably destined for a date with Clemson in the ACC title game and then the Orange Bowl.

3) Virginia: Good team, but I don't see them beating a Virginia Tech team that is on fire.

4) Wake Forest: State champs again. A good bowl game is still very much in play.

5) Pitt: Virginia Tech is on another level right now. No shame in being shut down by them.

6) Louisville: Scott Satterfield: the GOAT of rebuilds.

7) Florida State: Odell Haggins needs to their next coach.

8) North Carolina: Nice win over Mercer. Still a few plays away from a special season.

9) Miami: I thought they had it turned around, and then they lost to FIU.

10) Boston College: Blown out by Notre Dame. Still better than the rest.

11) Duke: Man this team is bad on offense...

12) Syracuse: Not even the worst team in the ACC. Lost a sponsor on the dome though.

13) Georgia Tech: Still a long rebuild, but at least they got a second conference win.

14) NC State: Just an absolutely abysmal season. Dave Doeren might be gone if those lose badly to Carolina this weekend.

How would you all rank the ACC? Comment below. If you’re a fan of another school, feel free to weigh in on your team’s ranking and season as well.