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BSD Staff Predictions for Wake Forest Basketball’s Season

The staff predicts how the Deacs will do this season

NCAA Basketball: ACC Media Day Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest basketball’s first game at Boston College is a week and a half away.

Since basketball is starting soon (and sooner than many would like) the staff predicts how the Deacs will do this season.


Overall Record: 11-19

Conference Record: 5-15

I think the Deacs will be a better team than they were last year, but when I started looking at the schedule I just don’t see very many games I’m confident we will win. I think in the conference we should beat VT, BC, Clemson, and GT at home, and maybe we can steal one of Miami or Clemson on the road. Other than that I just don’t see a lot of ACC wins on the schedule at this point. Now if we come out and beat BC in the first game and then beat Davidson or Penn State on the road, I will feel a little more confident.

Obviously with that record I don’t see us playing in any sort of postseason. Hopefully I’m wrong... we’ll see.


Overall Record: 15-15

Conference Record: 6-14

The Deacs are going to have a rough time. After losing Jaylen Hoard to the NBA and a couple of graduations, the depth hasn’t been necessarily replaced with great talent. This year however, the bottom of the ACC is really rough as Boston College and Virginia Tech are expected to have equally as rough of a time in the loaded ACC (with the defending national champs predicted to finish 4th). Look for Wake Forest to fare a little bit better but not necessarily because the team is better.

Wake Forest will likely not have any postseason aspirations. There were rumors of a Shaka Smart sighting at the UNC football game........


Going through our schedule, I’m guessing the team will be something approaching .500 going into conference play proper, but I see Wake capping out at 4-5 conference wins at absolute most, putting us at a little over a 10 win season. I fully expect the top of the conference to be Duke, UNC, UVA, then a scrum, then way down at the bottom will be Wake, GT, and BC. Player of the year? No idea honestly, I didn’t keep up with the off-season coups for Duke and UNC but I definitely expect both ROY and POY to go to one of them, because honestly at this point there’s probably a better than 60% chance that some All-American one and done from a blue blood is going to sweep. I expect Brandon Childress to maybe get an honorable mention for an end of season recognition, but that that will somehow be the height of the season for Wake.

Gee, can you tell I’m excited?


Overall Record: 14-16

Conference Record: 7-13

The Deacs will be a better team than last year, in spite of losing Jaylen Hoard to the NBA Draft. But a tough schedule with still lead to another losing season, both overall and in the conference. With the experience on the roster, for seemingly the first time in Danny Manning’s tenure, this team should be better than teams like Boston College, Virginia Tech, and Clemson. They will have to lean heavily on Brandon Childress and Chaundee Brown. A win over Davidson and Penn State on the road and/or winning the Wooden Legacy would go a long way towards making me feel better about this team. In the end, I just don't see enough talent on this roster to finish anywhere near the top of the league.

As such, I see the Deacs missing the postseason yet again. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong.

How do you all think the Deacs will do this season? Comment below.