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Recap In Haiku: Louisville Tops Wake Forest, 62-59


Wake Forest v Boston College Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Fun while it lasted

Got no beef with the offense

Everyone else? Ugh.

The offense wasn't perfect. Don't get me wrong. Jamie Newman threw two terrible picks in scoring position and Cade Carney fumbled early, giving Louisville easy scoring position. But any time special teams gives up over 200 yards on kick returns and the defense continues to give up third and longs and let guys break tackles for huge gains, I'm far more bothered by that. Any time an offense puts up 50+ points, they're not really the problem. They're pulling their weight. I don't know what the solution is but it's beyond infuriating. I have a theory. The defense either has a negative play to 4 yard gain or a play for the opponent of 10+ yards probably something like 85% of the time. It's baffling. They CAN be super good at what they do. They're just so incredibly mercurial. Special teams is my biggest issue this week though. Punt and kick returns spotted Louisville at least 14 points, quite possibly more.

I'm not saying fire Clawson or that the team is terrible or that the season is over. That's not the case by any means. But this was a game wherein the team showed incredible fight, but shouldn't have needed to fight so hard, we won't be ranked again this season, and we have a LOT of things to work on if we want our season to be as good as it seemed like it could be the first five weeks.

Absolutely a heartbreaking loss.

God I hope Jamie Newman is okay.

On to the next. Go Deacs.