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Kendall Hinton to return for senior season


NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest football got a good jolt today with the announcement that Kendall Hinton will return to Wake for his senior season.

If you’ve followed my writing here, you know I am high on Kendall and his ability to make plays both with his arm and legs. After coming off of a suspension last year, he found himself transitioning from playing Quarterback to filling into the slot receiver behind one Greg Dortch. I, as well as the staff, love his ability to make people miss as well as the speed he brings to the offense.

This move will help lessen the blow of losing Dortch to the draft, while also bringing back some valuable veteran leadership to the team. Regardless of who is throwing the ball this fall, they’ll have some good hands on the receiving end. There’s never really a problem with having too many people who can catch the ball is there?

Welcome back Kendall, now lets make this year special.

Go Deacs