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Q and A with former Towson football player Stephen Venanzi

The first installment of a weekly article interviewing experts on Wake Forest opponents

Towson v South Florida Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images

For the 1st installment of this series I got to sit down Stephen Venanzi, a former member of the Towson football team. He gave us some insight on the Towson that otherwise we would not have been able to have. He’s also a great guy, so without further ado lets jump right into it!

BSD: What’s your affiliation with the team?

Stephen Venanzi: My affiliation with the team is that I played for the Towson Tigers as a Punter/Holder/Safety from 2012-2015. I was a member of the team that played against Carson Wentz and North Dakota State in 2013 in the FCS National Title game.

BSD: I’ve been doing some research on this team but obviously the coverage for FCS teams isn’t always that great, what sort of expectations have been placed on Towson?

SV: Well Cameron, Towson plays in what has been referred to as the “SEC” of FCS football. The CAA conference is and will continue to be the best conference for FCS football. Each year, this conference sends four to five teams to the FCS playoffs and continually has members winning national titles. Teams in this conference consist of: James Madison, William & Mary, Richmond, Delaware, New Hampshire, Maine, Villanova, and so on. As you can see these teams are not to be taken lightly and have shown success not only in their conference but on a national stage as well. Teams in this conference, including Towson, have played in the FCS National Title game and will continue to for years to come.

BSD: Who are two players (one on each side of the ball) that really stand out head and shoulders above the rest and really stand to make a difference on Saturday?

SV: Three young men that look to make an impact for the Tigers come Saturday will be RB Shane Simpson, DB Monty Fenner, and Kicker Aidan O’Neill. Each of these guys have been very consistent and leaders on their prospective sides of the ball for the Tigers year-in and year-out over the years. This year they have combined to be effective and look for them to have a major impact against Wake Forest. Had to throw in a special teams player because I myself was a Punter/Holder and have to show the kickers some love!

BSD: Towson wins on Saturday if they do what?

SV: Towson will win on Saturday if they come out firing from the start. If they come out aggressive and make plays, as I know they will, I feel that will allow them to be successful. I feel confident in this teams ability to get the offense going and I know defense will come out strong as they always do

BSD: On the other side, what can Towson not do if they want to be competitive?

SV: Towson cannot afford to turnover the ball! If they do, and allow Sam Hartman and Wake Forest’s offense to get the ball in their hands, it could be a long day for my Tigers. Hoping they can avoid the turnovers and make good decisions both offensively and defensively.

BSD: Lastly and most importantly, who wins, why, and what’s the score?

SV: Towson wins on Saturday in a 20-17 victory, with a game winning field goal from Aidan O’Neill. Should be a great game regardless of the score, and I am happy to see these two teams meet come Saturday. Go Tigers!