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How to bet the Towson @ Wake Forest game

Don’t bet the Towson game.

Towson v South Florida Photo by Joseph Garnett Jr. /Getty Images

Alright, let’s get the elephant out the room quickly here - you probably shouldn’t bet this game unless you are a complete degenerate. There are a ton of injuries for Wake, and it comes into the game as around a 31-33 point favorite depending on where you look. For the sake of consistency I will just make it 32 points.

This is obviously a game that Vegas didn’t spend a ton of time thinking on, and a lot of places didn’t even offer a line.

Towson beat Morgan State 36-10 last week, but that doesn’t mean much, as the Bears are one of the worst teams in Division I.

The injury to Justin Herron could hurt Towson in this game as far as the spread is concerned. With Jake Benzinger shifting over to left tackle and Nathan Gilliam moving to right tackle, I am guessing that the coaching staff will want to get more reps than they would have with a healthy O-Line.

This may mean the entire first half of starters for the Wake offense to get some consistency, and I cannot imagine the Towson defense limiting the quick strike Demon Deacon attack very much at all.

It will be a bit of a balancing act though, and the saving grace for Towson may be that Wake hosts Boston College in a massive game just five days later. The staff will have to weigh the pros of the reps and the cons of prolonged exposure to injury and fatigue as the game goes along. My guess is that it will depend on what the execution looks like as to whether or not the first-string offense plays the entire half.

If I had to bet this one I would probably take Towson +32 because of the variables surrounding the game and the short week leading to BC. You will see quickly that I hedged my bet when the predictions article comes out, but hey, what can ya do?