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Clemson at Wake Forest Kickoff Still Up In The Air

The Demon Deacons and the Tigers get a six-day wait from the television overlords

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

According to the official Wake Forest Twitter account the No. 3 Clemson Tigers will visit Winston-Salem on October 6th to take on the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, but the kickoff time is still not set, as it has been pushed out to Sunday to await the results of the Saturday football games.

The good news is that this game will be another nationally televised game. The bad news is that Wake Forest still has to play Clemson. I don’t really see a way that this is an 8 PM game, but stranger things have happened before I guess.

The Tigers are a 21 point favorite against Syracuse this weekend in Death Valley, while Wake Forest is a 24.5 favorite over Rice. It’s a bit of an odd game to push out given the certainty of the results this weekend, but I am guessing there are other games they are waiting on to see what happens.

Either way, game attendees will have to fight the Dixie Classic Fair crowd for the second week in a row, which, coupled with the amount of fans that Clemson will bring, will be a disaster in the Joel Parking Lot.

This is definitely a game that you are going to want to arrive early for and give plenty of time to get to your parking spot before the game.

We will have the game time up once it is announced on Sunday.