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BSD Staff Predictions for Notre Dame

The staff gives their predictions for the top ten matchup on Saturday

NCAA Football: Boston College at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest takes on #8 Notre Dame at noon on Saturday at BB&T Field, and ahead of that we have our weekly predictions from our writers. Starting this week, we will also include how our writers have done predicting the rest of the season.

Riley (3 correct, 0 incorrect)

Wake Forest 31-Notre Dame 27

I actually am changing my pick from what I had last night on a Notre Dame podcast and going to go with the Deacs on this one. While I don’t feel overly confident about beating a top ten team, it’s promising that we are only a touchdown underdog to a team like Notre Dame, and that speaks volumes as to where our program is under Dave Clawson. I think the Wake Forest fast paced offense is going to wear down the Notre Dame defense into the fourth quarter and that will allow for a couple of big plays late for the Deacs. Their DC is former Wake Forest linebackers coach Clark Lea, so it will be interesting to see how the two sides handle that from a strategy standpoint.

Elijah (2 correct-Tulane & Towson, 1 incorrect-BC)

Notre Dame 31-Wake Forest 21

While FPI gives the Wake Forest Demon Deacs the best chance for an upset, it’s very hard to fathom the Deacs pass defense could improve so drastically. Entering the season, Bassey and Henderson were considered to be the strength of the defense but the loss of Jessie Bates III may be larger than people could have imagined. The Wake Forest offense will be able to keep up with the rather pedestrian Notre Dame offense but in the end the Fighting Irish find a couple too many big plays in the air that the Deacs can’t overcome.

Andrew (2 correct-Tulane & Towson, 1 incorrect-BC)

Notre Dame wins 32-10

This game will be a wake up call for Sam Hartman as he will go up against a defense that has had it’s fair share of competition this season, especially against John Harbaugh and Michigan. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly Wake’s offense adapts to the defensive schemes. I also think that Wake’s run defense got beaten on multiple occasions against Boston College last Thursday. I expect the more of the same as the Irish’s rushing attack is one of the more underrated systems in the nation.

Grumpy (3 correct, 0 incorrect)

Wake Forest 34-Notre Dame 31

Wake is a touchdown underdog, and I could certainly see this going very badly for the Deacs if Wake doesn’t find a way to limit the bleeding on defense. That said, I’m going with a rare optimistic pick because Notre Dame hasn’t exactly been scoring tons of points this year (my pick has them scoring more against Wake than they did in any game so far this year); they’ve instead largely relied on the strength of their defense. BC was also touted for their defense, but Wake was still able to move the ball reasonably well. If Wake’s defense can put together a respectable (not perfect) performance, I think Wake’s offense has a shot to drive the Deacs into a big upset.

Bart (3 correct, 0 incorrect)

Notre Dame 27-Wake Forest 21

Coming off the first loss of the season to BC, the Deacs got a close look at deficient areas that they needed to improve upon (secondary play). I’m concerned that Notre Dame - a team who is overrated as a top ten team - has the talent and coaching to exploit Wake’s flaws and pick us apart in the passing game. I do think Clawson and company are going to make some positive tweaks but I don’t think it will be enough. The Irish torch us through the air and win 27-21 in a game that comes down to the final few minutes.

Adam (3 correct, 0 incorrect)

Notre Dame 34-Wake Forest 27

I’m not ready to pick us to win after last week’s performance from the defense. Again, I think we should have no trouble moving the ball, but turnovers and an inability to stop the pass on 3rd and long will ultimately give us another loss.

Cam (2 correct-Tulane & Towson, 1 incorrect-BC)

Wake Forest 34-Notre Dame 31

I was on the way to being able to gloat until playcalling and swiss cheese defense decided to have that come crumbling down. This will be another case of Wake making the QB beat them and I’m hoping Clawson getting in there himself in practice has helped light a fire underneath these DBs. Special Teams wise ND is a bit shaky so all eyes on a punt return TD from Dortch(calling it.) Having Bachman and a healthier Scotty Washington back will help Hartman a ton and this team will put up just enough points to come away with the upset on their home turf. But this will not be possible unless we see a better defense than last week.

Ned (1 correct-Tulane, 0 incorrect)

Wake Forest 34-Notre Dame 31

The Deacs get the potential program-changing win they’ve been looking for. Hartman stays calm and collected through a rollercoaster of a game and the Front Seven makes enough plays to keep ND’s offense in check. A mid 4th Quarter TD seals the W in in Winston, and the field storming begins...

Rob (3 correct, 0 incorrect)

Notre Dame 31-Wake Forest 24

I believe that Wake Forest will be competitive until the 4th quarter in this one, but will once again be too susceptible to giving up a big play. The Notre Dame vs. Vandy game last Saturday gave me hope, but I think the Irish find a way to pull this one out.

Samurai (2 correct-Tulane & Towson, 1 incorrect-BC)

Wake 31-Notre Dame 28

Wake’s special teams and yes, defense, do just enough to hold on and score the win off of a late kick from Nick Sciba. Yes, I’m calling my shot. Again. Even though I screwed it up last week. Let’s shock the world.

Edward (3 correct, 0 incorrect)

Notre Dame 31-Wake Forest 24

Notre Dame has a new starting quarterback this week in Ian Book, and he has some success from last year to draw upon after Brandon Wimbush’s struggles. Unless Wake’s defense, and specifically the secondary, has drastically improved this week, I can’t see any way for the offense to compete with the #8 team in the nation. The Deacs fall behind early, and just can't quite catch up.