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Extra Extra: Wake Forest Takes Down Highly Ranked Opponent

Let me live here

Belk Bowl - Texas A&M v Wake Forest Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

So, by the time you’re reading this I’ll probably be moved into my new apartment, starting my new life, relaxing on the couch. I haven’t fired one of these takes in a while, and lets be real “Kendall Hinton for Heisman” was probably one of my finest works.

While “hot takes” have some admitted delusions in there, I tend to base mine in some sort of actual truth and reasoning. I tend to look towards the Notre Dame game.

Regardless of whether ND loses or beats Michigan in their opening game, I expect them to be ranked fairly highly coming into that week. I also expect Wake to be 3-0 coming into that game. Tulane has a decent offense, but I’m relying a lot on the run game, possibly best offensive line in the country, and safety nets in Greg Dortch, Scotty Washington, Alex Bachman, and possibly Sage Surratt to help guide the team to a fairly easy win.

Wake should favored by a few touchdowns in the game against Towson. Next up is BC, who, all credit to #TheRivalry, Wake should be favored and should come out on top.

Week 4 we have the Notre Dame game.

Notre Dame loses two 2 extremely talented O lineman, not saying this is a bad line by any means, just not the no. 1 line in the country that Wake faced last year.

The Irish at running back... let’s just say Wake has a much better and deeper crew than ND.

At QB a lot is to be seen about Brandon Winbush however. He’s athletic and can throw it deep, but has a lot of problem throwing short and medium throws and with Wake having to put less stock into the run game of ND, who’s to say this team can’t keep him contained? I mean it can’t be harder than the almost 400 yards they gave up to him last year.

One thing noted by one of our writers in the ND preview was how susceptible this crew can be to mobile QBs, even Wolford had a huge run against them. Well what if Wake has a QB that’s even shiftier than Wolford was last year and has an even better deep ball IMO than Wolford did?

Wake held their own last year and honestly they need a win like this to continue the forward trend they’re on. Clemson seems absolutely ELITE this year, NC State and FSU both on the road are very tall tasks, but at home coming off of some momentum could put the Deacs in a prime position.

I’m not saying they roll over the team but it’s not a zero percent chance. Hell who thought this tea would beat Louisville or NC State how they did last year? The Deacs are finally good.

The Deacs need to come out strong, run the ball and not be afraid to take chances. Things that hurt them against FSU last year in a game that honestly this team should’ve won. They need to make Winbush beat them with his arm not his legs and capitalize where the Irish have lost pieces.

I personally think this is the best chance for a signature win and I’m cementing my pick right now for Wake to get the upset and finally start getting the respect they need.

More importantly, I’m excited we only have a few weeks left to go until college football is back.

Call me an idiot, tell me I’m wrong, and say whatever in the comments. But forever,

Go Deacs