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What the New NCAA College Basketball Rules Mean for Wake Forest

The NCAA announced new rules last week, and Wake Forest could be affected by them sooner rather than later

Tulsa v UCLA Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Last week the NCAA announced new rules for college basketball regarding eligibility for the NBA Draft, and rules for after players are drafted.

Here is the link to the official statement from the NCAA.

The New Rules:

  • Undrafted players can now return to school

As a part of the new rules, the NCAA will now allow players who remain in the NBA draft but don’t hear their names called on draft night to come back to school for another season, pending approval from the NBA and NBA Players Association. Players have until the Monday after the draft to decide whether or not they want to return. This now replaces the previous rule of having until 10 days before the draft to decide whether to return to school or remain in the draft.

  • Agent certification for “Elite” prospects

The NCAA will now allow agents to represent college players and pay for minor expenses tied to their professional ambitions, as long as the agents complete a certification process and the players request an evaluation from the NBA’s Undergraduate Advisory Committee. Also, USA Basketball has been tasked with identifying “elite” high school prospects, who then will have the option of hiring agents their for senior year before they even enter college. These agents will then advise them on the best options for their careers based on information they are gathering from NBA scouts.

How these rules impact Wake Forest:

The most obvious affect of these new rules is that players such as Doral Moore and Bryant Crawford who declared for the draft and then went undrafted would now have the option to return to Wake. Whether they would have or not is an entirely different matter that can be addressed another time.

This presents a unique challenge for a coaching staff in that they have to decide whether or not to leave open a scholarship in case a player does declare for the draft and then decides to come back when they aren't drafted. While this is likely to be a rare case, it’s something that Coach Manning and the staff must take into consideration for future recruiting classes.

The second affect is that a player like Jaylen Hoard, who has been ranked as high as ninth in some 2019 NBA mock drafts, could be one of the players that has an agent in college. While Hoard will not be afforded this opportunity, if Wake were to land another recruit as highly ranked as Hoard, that player may receive one of these agents.

This presents a challenge in that that player is going to be receiving advise from a person other than the coaching staff, who throughout the season is likely going to have the player’s best interests in mind rather than those of the school.

What do you all think of these rules? Do you think it will have a huge impact?