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Who Could Be An Unlikely Explosive Receiving Threat For The Deacs This Year?

So, the top three wideouts for Wake are pretty obvious. Greg Dortch (who I’m probably more excited to see again than any other Wake football player), Scotty Washington, and Alex Bachman. But who else might step up?

NCAA Football: ACC Media Days Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The return of Greg Dortch alone should be enough to make most secondaries in the ACC wake up in a cold sweat. For crying out loud, in eight games he had 722 yards on 53 grabs and 9 TDs. Scotty Washington also filled in admirably, especially after Greg went down. Scotty had 45 grabs for 711 yards and 3 touchdowns. That’s honestly insane to me; I had no idea how close to Greg’s production Scotty actually was. Then you add in Alex Bachman, who chipped in 21 grabs for 365 yards and 3 touchdowns, and you have a heck of a corps.

The crazy thing, though, is that that’s nowhere near the end of the talent for Wake Forest in terms of potential playmakers through the air. There really aren’t any known quantities here; most of the rest of the group are freshmen. However, there’s a lot of potential. For my money, I’d say the most likely breakout star at that position would be Sage Surratt. A former two-sport star, Sage is a big target at 6’3”, 210, and apparently is extremely skilled at going to grab jump balls, which makes sense given that he was a pretty insane shooting guard in high school. He finished as the number two scorer in North Carolina high school history with 2951 points, and 34.7 points per game his senior year. I think a bigger question than “Will Sage Surratt be good?” is “Can we convince him to play on the basketball team too?” Because holy moly. However, football is a family business. Sage is the younger brother of UNC QB Chazz Surratt, and Sage broke North Carolina high school records with 366 catches, 5926 yards, and 80 touchdowns in high school. For those curious, that’s over 16 YPC. I just...I shake my head in amazement. It’s almost like he’s Jimmy Graham if he was a wide receiver rather than a tight end and was a two sport athlete from the beginning. I dont want to hype him up too much because high school production doesn’t always translate, but Sage is opening up as a fourth option. That’s just dirty. If we didn’t have so many questions at QB I would confidently slot in Wake as a top 5 offense in the ACC easily.

The scary thing is that’s not all. Jaquarii Roberson is another strong prospect at 6’3”, 170, and to put in perspective how good Jaquarii is, he’s the 43rd best player in the state of NC. Sage Surratt? 37. So this is a kid who, at least on paper, is near the level of potential of Sage Surratt, and he’s joining Dortch, Washington, Bachmann, and Surratt. Roberson, in his senior year, had 76 catches for 1370 yards, 15 touchdowns, and he also notched 2 interceptions on the defensive end. Oh,and Quarii was also a two sport baller, averaging 22 points and 10 boards per game as a junior on the hardwood. This HAS to be the most stacked receiving corps in Wake Forest history. It almost boggles my mind.

There are still yet more receiving options, including redshirt junior starting TE, 6’3”. 235 pound Jack Frudenthal and junior receiver Steven Claude, but I’d say the five deadliest weapons are definitely Dortch, Washington, Bachman, Surratt, and Roberson. The fact that there’s more depth beyond that, though, means that if the secondaries we’re facing this year aren’t kind of terrified, uh...they probably should be.

What do you guys think? Is this our best receiving corps ever? Will they continue to torch people? Sound off in the comments, and as always, Go Deacs.