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State of the Blogger So Dear Union

Is this an actual article from the Managing Editor?!?!

ACC Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Hello folks! This is Blogger So Dear Managing Editor Riley Johnston! You may not remember me, but I used to write a lot of articles for this wonderful website. Over the past couple of months we have had our usual lull and lack of articles which coincides with the end of the sports year, as well as the yearly burnout that I get from writing throughout the football and basketball season.

I want to go ahead and apologize for the lackluster website that I have provided lately, but sometimes life gets in the way, This is not my primary source of income, so unfortunately my other job comes first, as well as family, and other relationships.

Not to mention that a lot of my personal attention and time has been devoted to volunteer/canvassing/community efforts on things that are not sports related.

The hiatus ends today though, and we will be back at it this week as we get prepared for football season, as well as The Basketball Tournament that starts on Saturday.

There is also a bit of restructuring going on with SB Nation, so I have discussed everything with our great staff, and moving forward we should have at least two articles a day leading into the regular season (which is just 8 weeks away from a trip to what should be sweltering New Orleans for the Tulane game).

Some of the conversations that we had revolved around what we felt like we could provide to the Wake Forest community.

In the past we have relied heavily on breaking news, a lot of sources, and honest commentary on the state of the program(s).

With most of the writers out of college and holding “real” full-time jobs, writing breaking news articles is likely something that we will not be able to provide as much moving forward.

That’s not to say that we won’t have the occasional timely article, but primarily we are going to focus on the “what this means”, the “why did this happen”, and the “where do we go from here” for everything Wake Forest.

An example of this could be, instead of writing individual recruit commit articles, we will likely go to a weekly “recruiting wrap-up” type article. This will make sure you are informed as a reader, but will not be as time sensitive as we have been in the past with those articles.

We will of course still have all the previews, recaps, and game threads that help this community thrive throughout the football and basketball season.

The emergence of Les Johns over at 247Sports and the job that he is doing there makes this transition a lot smoother because he is doing phenomenal work in nearly all aspects of covering Wake Forest.

If you have not been following him on Twitter or at his website then you are simply not getting the information on the program that you need to be getting. I cannot recommend enough to follow him on as many social media sites as possible if you are a Wake Forest fan.

Conor O’Neill has also been doing a great job as the beat writer for the Winston-Salem Journal, and these two together are a heckuva one-two punch for covering Wake Forest.

So where does that put Blogger So Dear?

I think there is a big place for honest commentary on what is going on in basketball and football. We aren’t going to BS you on here, as we have no relationships to maintain within Wake Forest.

By no means am I insinuating that Les or Conor are blowing smoke at you, but they interview players and coaches day in and day out, and that will certainly cause things to be sugarcoated from time to time. I think overall they do an excellent job of professionally assessing the pros and cons of everything that goes down.

We all write for BSD because we have a passion for Wake Forest and know that you do too. We know that Wake is often overlooked by the media, but that doesn’t make any of our fans care less than other schools.

My goal and vision for this website is to provide thorough content, honest articles, and have some fun with articles from time to time. This is a fan blog, run by fans, for fans, and I take that to heart. If you have anything that you want to see more of, or would like to suggest something that is missing then feel free to slide into my e-mails, as my address is available through my name on here.

Thank you very much for being a loyal and devoted reader, as well as sticking with us through thick and thin. It’s folks like you that bring me back year after year to provide the best coverage that I can. I know my staff feels the same way and we are excited to get back into the flow of things and pump out some great content for all of you.

As always...Go Deacs!