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Charlotte’s Famous Selwyn Pub Becomes a Wake Forest Watch Party Bar

Deacon fans have a new home to watch Wake games together this fall in Charlotte.

Military Bowl - Temple v Wake Forest Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Saturdays in the fall for Charlotte Deacon fans just got a whole lot better.

I’m thrilled to announce that starting this season, Charlotte’s famous Selwyn Pub will be the official Wake Forest “Watch Party” bar for fans on gamedays. While at times over the past few years the popular pub in Myers Park has hosted Wake Forest alumni for games, never before has there been an official affiliation between WFU and Selwyn. That’s all changing next month when the 2018 Wake Forest Football season kicks off against Tulane on Thursday 8/30 and all fans will be welcome to hang out, drink a Selwyn Transfusion or two, and cheer on the Deacs together. Here are a few of the other notes about the setup and what to expect:

  • Wake Forest Themed Special Drinks - While official names and recipes are still in the works, get excited for multiple WFU speciality cocktails to get released throughout the season, giving fans potentially a new drink to try during each watch party. The names of the drinks will be related to various Wake Forest topics/legends/moments, and fans will get to vote at the end of the season on which specialty mix was their favorite. More details on this at a later date...
  • Selwyn Pub: Award Winning Bar - Few bars in the Charlotte area have the reputation, accolades, and overall environment that Selwyn brings to the table. It’s been building its loyal fanbase by listening to customers for over 20 years, always willing to adapt and be the first place in the city to try something (Such as outdoor TVs, a retractable roof, and space heaters). The Charlotte Agenda recently ranked Selwyn as the best sports bar in Charlotte, and later highlighted just how popular the Selwyn Transfusion has become in the city. Did I mention it’s one of Michael Jordan’s favorite spots in Charlotte? In terms of atmosphere, awesome menu options, and sheer number of TVs to catch the game, it doesn’t get much better than this.
  • Prizes, Giveaways, and a Ton of Deacon Fans - Throughout the season, there’s plenty of opportunity to host raffles for free gear, cups, and more for fans that stop by the pub. The goal is to make this the biggest gathering of Wake fans outside of the actual stadium any given Saturday. Come for the prizes, come for the Transfusions, or come to hang out with 50-100 other Wake fans who you can high five after every Touchdown. There’ll be something here for everyone this fall.

There’ll be plenty of more information in the coming weeks about Selwyn-WFU watch parties and what to expect this season. Until then, make sure to spread the word to friends in the area and join the WAKECharlotte Facebook group to get the latest on any alumni activities coming up this fall. Looking forward to meeting some of you for the first time at Selwyn this year and talking about our favorite team. August 30th can’t come soon enough...

Go Deacs!