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2019 Wake Forest Football Recruiting: The Middle Class Gets Richer?


Belk Bowl - Texas A&M v Wake Forest Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Remember that article a few weeks ago that laid out how Wake Forest has been on fire on the recruiting trail? Well that flame is yet to be put out.

Wednesday, the Deacs picked up someone who is nothing but one big motor.

Shamar McCollum is a player who people are going to be ecstatic about once he hits the field. Rated a 4 star by Rivals and a high 3 star by 24/7. It’s very nice to get a recruiting win over Oregon, Mizzou, Arkansas, and Duke. However, my mind automatically goes to two questions:

“What does this mean for Wake?”

“How does he fit in to the team?”

To answer the first question, this is big. It’s a huge recruiting win and this is the 3rd (count ‘em) 4* recruit to commit to Wake. For a bit of context, Wake only had four 4* recruits sign total since 2002. Now these guys all still need to sign obviously, but the tides are turning in Wake’s favor and I like where they are moving forward.

So how does he fit in? It’s always a champagne problem when you get a good player and this question pops up. It looks like Boogie Basham and Chris Calhoun will be the starters with Mike Allen and Manny Walker backing them up. Wake loves to rotate in fresh bodies and it someone with this sort of motor and explosiveness will fit right in with that rotation along with Isaiah Chaney and Will Smart.

If he needs to redshirt a year? Great! He can play in 4 games and get some experience and not burn a shirt. If he’s good enough to play and even start? Play him. It’s a win-win.

Shamar slides in as the 3rd highest rated player to commit to the Deacs for the 2019 class, and I couldn’t be more than thrilled with him. I would look for Wake to add a couple of more pieces but I wouldn’t be shocked for the waters to die down a bit as there’s a month left before school starts back up and people could wait until later to make their decisions.

Regardless this would be an amazing class even as constructed, but I’m excited to see what this class can do.

Is it football season yet?

But don’t worry BSD will be here to help quench thirst. And

don’t worry I’ll have some very, very hot takes ready for you guys to yell at

me either on here or at @CamLemons_ on twitter.

Go Deacs