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Updated Wake Forest Basketball Scholarship Chart

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There has been a lot of change to the Wake Forest basketball roster. Here are where things currently stand.

Tulsa v UCLA Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

With the commitment of 2018 wing Mike Wynn to Wake Forest last night, the roster for the upcoming season is almost set. The only remaining question is whether or not Christian Lorng will fill the final scholarship on the team. He has some academic questions and it is unclear as to whether or not he will be eligible this year (or ever) for Wake Forest.

There were obviously a lot of subtractions and additions to the roster in the off-season, and as I noted on Twitter earlier this morning, it may be the biggest roster overhaul I have seen in college basketball in quite some time.

The Deacs will return just four players who have seen playing time as in the Old Gold and Black (Childress, Brown, Eggleston, and Sarr), while adding three senior/grad transfers, and either five or six freshmen.

Obviously with turnover like this it is difficult to even know who is still on the team, much less have any idea how good or bad the team will be come the fall.

Here is a look at the 2018-19 Wake Forest Basketball Scholarship Chart as it currently stands (and should stand pending what happens with Lorng).

Note that I just included Brandon Childress (Junior), Andrien White (Senior), and Torry Johnson (grad transfer, but with two years), all as “juniors” for this year because they have two years left on the roster.

Ignore the 6 and the 9 under the final two columns. I got number crazy and (very intelligently) didn’t save the spreadsheet, so I don’t want to re-type it all out. There are currently five scholarships, and eight scholarships for ‘20-’21, and ‘21-’22 respectively.