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Chris Paul Just Made NBA History

While not currently a Demon Deacon, Winston-Salem’s own just vanquished some demons of his own in absolute style.

NBA: Playoffs-Utah Jazz at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Paul has been in the NBA since 2005, my freshman year. I didn’t really follow the NBA until 2011, when Chris got traded to the Los Angeles Clippers. From the very beginning, Lob City was thought to be a contender. But somehow, they could never replicate regular season success in the playoffs, to the point that CP3 gained a reputation as a “choker” (ignoring that a lot of his team’s woes involved injuries, flat out bad luck, teammates struggling despite Chris doing all he could, etc.) But none of that matters now. Tonight, FINALLY, Chris Paul and the Houston Rockets are en route to the Western Conference Finals. Chris would not be denied. Despite his usually spectacular teammate James Harden having a pedestrian performance, CP3 literally made NBA history. His stat line was as follows.

41 points (13-22, 8-10 from deep, 7-8 from the line)

10 assists

7 rebounds

1 steal


No player has EVER had a 40+, 10+, 0 turnover game in NBA Playoff history...until now, and he was, is, and always will be a Demon Deacon. I realize this technically isn’t relevant to 2018 Demon Deacon Athletics, but I literally was getting a little emotional watching it tonight. He knows the talk. He knows what people say about him. And tonight, he wanted to stop that chatter.

Check out the official highlight reel below.

Chris Paul Scores Playoff Career High 41 Points

Much love to CP3. The name Wake Forest University is once again in the basketball history books.