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Wake Forest Men’s Basketball Lands Transfer Ikenna Smart

Well, one hole has been filled for a year.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Buffalo vs Arizona Brian Losness-USA TODAY Sports

My word of the day is nonplussed. Ikenna is a senior so it’s a one year stopgap. Sure. Les thinks it’s a great fit. I like Les. Maybe he’s right! Ikenna’s a big body at 6-10, 241. Good. He’s efficient, shooting above 60% every season! Cool! 12 MPG? At Buffalo? I, Listen, I don’t want to cast aspersions. Buffalo had a FANTASTIC season last year, winning 26 games and toppling 3 seed Arizona in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Raw production aside, Ikenna was obviously a part of that, and for all we know he can extrapolate that production in more minutes, in which case he’ll be a solid addition. I just can’t say this is an immediate splash of a transfer.

But I’m sure Ikenna is a great young man and will give his all to the Deacs this upcoming season and there’s plenty to be said for that. People have left Wake and popped off when getting more run other places so heck, maybe it’s our turn to be on the end of one of those this time, right?

Welcome to the family, Ikenna. Go Deacs.