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2017-18 Regular Season Postmortem In Brief: Hardwood Food Poisoning

I’ve been a bit MIA. I’m sorry to the readers, my BSD colleagues, and anybody starving for Deacs stuff to discuss. Having said that, the regular season is over. And all I feel is relief.

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Georgia Tech Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

When trying to figure out what on Earth I was finally going to write about basketball in the aftermath of several more “not quite there’’ losses, I was trying to think in analogy because I was an English major. That’s what I do. Well, that and write a bunch of vaguely important sounding words about my own highly subjective analysis of things in an effort to sound smart. Sound familiar?

The analogy I settled on was food poisoning. This season was gross, and could have and should have been a lot more pleasant than it was. There were moments where I thought I was feeling better and then the waves of existential horror washed over me as I realized, “Oh God, it’s happening again.” I’ve had staph infections. So it could’ve been worse. While the win record gives the Bz 2.0 crowd ammo I can’t really refute right now, I still maintain this season was NOT as bad as getting blown off the floor by 15-25 every single game. That said, it was still bad and frustrating.

Doral Moore was a revelation. Bryant Crawford had stretches of incredible play interspersed with absolute cold spells and boneheaded decision making that kinda canceled out the good. Our defense was...kinda woof. There were games that were like a glimpse into some alternate reality where we actually executed and the results showed on the court, But then the dread bubbled up again.

Good news is, food poisoning goes away. Whether or not you think it’ll be better next season or if we need to clean house is up for debate. Personally I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll be alright. Shocking, I know. I’m hopeful that additions, additional experience, and frankly speaking, a reboot, could do wonders. Seriously, in some ways I feel the season was doomed after the start we got off to, Mentally speaking, that might have been something that some of the guys on the team never really got over.

If next season is more of the same, I will almost certainly advocate cleaning house. But for now, the waves of looming grossness are gone, and barring the most unlikely ACC Tournament win of all time, all there is to do is wait for the time being. Fingers crossed that everybody gets a fresh start next year and makes the best of it.

On to the next (season). Go Deacs.