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Playbook: Wake Forest vs Georgia Tech

Sharing the ball helps Deacs top Jackets

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Deacs put another one in the win column last night after defeating the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 79-62. Offensively, Wake played maybe their best game of the season, finishing the game 17 assists and just 5 turnovers while shooting 49% from the field and 52% from beyond the arc. The guards did a great job in this game of moving the ball, finding the open man, and making the extra pass to get guys the ball in scoring position. Bryant Crawford was notably exceptional, finishing with 9 assists and 0 turnovers. So let’s sit back and watch some great, unselfish basketball plays.

Textbook drive and kick and to get the defense scrambling, Crawford makes the extra pass and Chaundee Brown gets the why open 3.

I think I’ve watched this 1,000 times, and it’s still just as great as when it happened in the game. I don’t think I’ve seen the Deacs move the ball this well since the Charlotte game back in December.

Here’s a nice little set play where Chaundee goes down the lane off a nice back screen from Sunday Okeke and ends up wide open under the basket. The play is executed perfectly and Brandon Childress whips the pass inside for an easy layup.

It’s not an article about great ball movement without a Dorally-Oop. Great pass by Crawford and a nice back screen by Childress to set it up. Flawless execution.

Georgia Tech tried to go zone, but it had similar results to the man to man defense. Donovan Mitchell skips the ball to the opposite corner, and the Deacs swing it quickly all the way around the world right back to him in the corner. The Yellow Jacket’s rotation is slow, and the Deacs get a wide open 3.

If Wake Forest can keep moving the ball like this and continue to play unselfishly on offense, they should have a really good chance at finishing the remainder of the schedule undefeated.