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Thoughts in Brief: NC State

I refuse to do 3U3D here because I don't have three downs. Come at me. Let's break down perhaps the greatest win of the Clawson Era.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

  • Jamie Newman, holy moly. 22/33, 297, and 3 TDs, not to mention 44 yards rushing. And that was after a pretty brutal first half. Not only that, that last drive was an absolute thing of beauty, full stop. I'm not gonna say I told you so, but I DID have a good feeling about Jamie earlier this season...
  • Our defense was AMAZING under pressure. Yes they gave up big plays but NC State was 6-16 on third down, 0-2 on fourth, and rather putrid in the red zone. On top of the turnovers on downs, State kicked three field goals sub 30 yards. That's brutal. Oh, and 11 Wake TFLs.
  • I loved seeing Sage Surratt return to the fore. 8 grabs for 109 yards, including an insane 43 yard snag that really was a turning point for the offense.
  • Greg Dortch also had some redemption, ending up with 6 catches for 75 yards and a TD after fumbling a punt for an easy State field goal.
  • I really hope Matthew Colburn II is going to be more okay than was immediately apparent, but if not, Cade Carney and Christian Beal-Smith are going to need to step up.
  • Jamie Newman looks more like he COULD play in the NFL than any other Wake Forest quarterback I can remember. He's strong, tall, big, and poised.

I really think this might have saved our season. Even better than that, this is a sign of just how quality of a coach Dave Clawson is, and how much heart the team has. With the deck so stacked, they pulled it off. Absolutely incredible.

On to the next Go Deacs.