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Recap in Haiku: Duke

A happy haiku? Wait, what? That’s right y’all. I’m going rogue on traditions.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Duke James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

That was freaking rad

Three bowls in a row, yeah boy

FSU though? HAH!

Cade Carney is a monster. I mean seriously, 223 yards? Jamie Newman was almost scary in his efficiency, going 18-23 for 177 yards and four touchdowns. Greg Dortch got to 954 yards and is almost certain to go over 1000 in whatever bowl game we get to, but no big deal, right?

But the real story was how much the defense stepped up. They were +4 in turnover margin, including a clutch pick 6 from Nasir Greer to blow the thing back open late in the first half after it was looking like Duke might hang around. It was a thing of beauty that couldn’t have come at a better time. With everything this team has been through, at least within the admittedly rather trivial context of football (when looking at everything else going on in the world), I can scarcely think of a group of players and coaches who deserve it more.

I’m still rather mad about basketball but in a way I’m zen about it because I’ve given up early in much the same way as I felt during the Bzdelik years. This football team, however, is a source of unadulterated joy (at the end of the day, at least) and while we’re losing a lot, especially in the offensive trenches, there’s a lot of reason for continued optimism in the future given Coach Clawson’s continued excellent recruiting and his obvious ability to coach in both the best and worst of times.

Oh and Wake Forest is going bowling and Florida State is not. That is a for real sentence I just typed. We truly are in the end times. Hopefully it doesn’t start raining blood tomorrow.

On to the post season. Go Deacs.