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Recap in Haiku: Pittsburgh Snows Under Wake Forest, 34-13

That about sucked.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

I'm just tired, man

Then again, the team is dead

Dim hopes still exist?

It started out well. Well, reasonably so, anyway. The defense started strong, and Wake Forest actually had the lead at the half. But the fact that Jamie Newman was overthrowing everything and everyone, Cade Carney tried, but needed Matt Colburn to spell him, and the defense couldn't hold up enough after spending an unholy amount of time on the field snowballed and did so HARD in the second half.

Season isn't over yet but we'd better pray that the team that beat State shows up against Duke. It's impossible to be mad; not only has the team been ravaged by injury probably worse than any power 5 team, our schedule has been BRUTAL. Even the teams in conference that looked a bit easier on paper have largely been over performing, and we still have a chance, however slim, at making a bowl. But for now, I just feel gross and hope for better tomorrow.

On to the next. Go Deacs.