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Recap in Haiku: St. Joe's Destroys Wake Forest 89-69

I've heard of a tale of two halves but good Lord.

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina A&T at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

It was tied at half

That escalated quickly

Burn the damn game tape

So it was 46 all at half. Actually not bad. Then the second half happened. Charlie Brown Jr. (good grief) got started, and Taylor Funk got hot in the first and stayed that way, and it got utterly out of hand. Terrible defense, no offense, stupid turnovers, not holding on to the ball on the boards, NOTHING went right.

If there's anything to take away at all, Brandon Childress seemed to try to lead again, and Isaiah Mucius and Jaylen Hoard both did some work. The problem is that literally all of it was in the first half. That second half was genuinely one of the worst overall performances I can ever remember seeing. God this was gross. We'll see how much of an aberration this game was, but we'd better pray the answer is very much so.

I still don't feel as broken as last season yet, but that is damning with the faintest you praise.

On to the next. Go Deacs.