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Olympic Sports Recap: Deacs on Top

Shocker: Wake is doing well

NCAA Field Hockey Championship - Duke vs Wake Forest Photo by J Rogash/Getty Images

The Olympic Sports have usually been pretty kind to the Deacs, but last week was absolutely ABSURD.

We start with Field Hockey. The team had a pretty nice run in the ACC tournament going all the way to the finals before falling to #1 UNC.

Ok cool, whatever, fun story it stops there right? Absolutely not said the Deacs. First they took on #7 Iowa and downed the Hawkeyes 3-2 to advance to the quarterfinals.

There they met the Duke Blue Devils. Funny story, they actually beat Duke 4-3 in the semifinals of the ACC tournament. The Deacs were up to the task yet again by toppling the #3 Blue Devils 1-0 in a double overtime THRILLA IN MANILLA(if Manilla was Durham) with a goal by Sophomore Anna van Hoof.

Field Hockey finds themselves heading to Louisville, Kentucky (now free of one trash human being) to face off yet again with top seed and undefeated UNC on Friday at 1 P.M. in the Final Four.

Women’s Soccer has had an interesting year but still got an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament. The Lady Deacs had a tough first round matchup, albeit at home, against Ohio State. Wake decided to reward the committee for putting them in by winning a thriller of their own, 1-0 with a golden goal by a FRESHMAN Giovanna DeMarco. This marks the second straight season they’ve made the second round of the tournament. The team gets #2 West Virginia on Friday.

Last and certainly not least, Petros Chrysochos.




This bearded Cypriot became the first man to win all 3 D-1 Singles majors in a career in 24 years. Dropping 1 set all week, he went up against USC’s Daniel Cukierman in the finals. Petros was broken early in the first set but instantly battled back. Chrysochos broke Cukierman for 5-4 and served out the first set.

The second set was... rough. Petros was broken pretty eatly to go down 3-1 and then again for 5-1. Chrysochos fought off 7, COUNT EM 7, match points and fought all the way back to rattle off 6 straight games and take home the Oracle ITA Fall National Championship. He has one of the best resume’s not just tennis wise, but collegiately i’ve seen from anyone ever. So kudos to him.

Last but not least, the Wake Forest Men’s Soccer team got the number one overall seed in the NCAA Tournament. For all of its hard work it will get to go on a revenge tour if the bracket goes to seed.

Stanford (the three-time defending champion and eliminator of Deacs), Syracuse (only regular season loss), and Louisville (knocked the Deacs out of the ACC Tournament), are all in the path of the Soccer Deacs.

Wake will host games all the way through to the College Cup (Final Four), and gets that kicked off on Sunday at 5 at Spry Stadium.

As always,

Go Deacs

Let’s keep this up ladies and gents.