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Wake Forest vs Pittsburgh: Depth Chart musings

Wake Forest has a couple interesting notes on the depth chart against Pittsburgh for the last home game for the seniors.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at North Carolina State Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest looks to ride their momentum from their victory against NC State. On Wake’s Senior Day, the Deacs have a chance to go for a sixth victory and third straight year of bowl eligibility against the Pittsburgh Panthers.

The depth chart has started to trickle out and on the offensive side, it looks like a couple of minor changes are out including a co-starter designation between Scotty Washington and Sage Surratt. Matt Colburn II is listed as a starter despite being a little banged up.

On the defensive side, DL Mike Allen continues to earn more playing time as the primary backup behind Boogie Basham. Demetrius Kemp is listed as a started even though he is banged up as well.

Tyler Williams has fallen off the 2-deep as he’s been hurt and while it’s been good, the CB rotation continues to turn as Keegan Good has fallen off in favor of Tyriq Hardimon.

The NCAA has been more lax about players being able to transfer after completing their degrees. For the Deacs there are a couple of players that have the ability to graduation and perhaps play somewhere else OR come back in 2019. LB Nate Mays and QB/WR Kendall Hinton both fit in this category as the official release says “They will both graduate and will have the option to return in 2019”.

Let the speculation begin or perhaps there will be some clarity in the coming weeks.