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Recap in Haiku: Clemson Annihilates Wake Forest, 63-3

I got nothing.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that about sucked

I have nothing nice to say

Say nothing at all

Yikes. Just...yikes. Actually I partly told a lie. The defense in the first three drives or so was actually quite good. Clemson had nothing. Then the offense did nothing with a fumble recovered at midfield and it was like everyone just gave up. Everyone. I'll say this, though. Unless you think we should fire Coach Clawson (which is lunacy) I don't really know what you do here. Just take your lumps and move on really. You might call me crazy but I'm still not giving up on 6 wins, especially since we have the bye week right now. Season starts next game. Don't make me look like a fool, Deacs. I still believe we can have a decent season, and even if we don't, the program is still moving in the right direction in terms of the big picture. Recruiting is good, Coach Clawson has shown an ability to coach and make tough decisions, and I can't imagine anyone feasible coming in and doing a better job than Coach Clawson is doing now, so with all that said, there's not much else to say or do right now. Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield. Boy howdy was Clemson a windshield.

On to the bye. Go Deacs.