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Quick Facts: Clemson University

Another week, another set of quick facts, this time for the school that reminds you they can spell with every score!

Syracuse v Clemson Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

The Vitals

  • Established 1889
  • Located in Clemson, South Carolina
  • 24,387 students
  • $621.3 million endowment
  • #21 Nationally Among Public Universities According to US News and World Report, 2010
  • Motto: Apparently none? Mottos are hard, I guess.

Other Noteworthy Facts

  • Clemson has an International Center for Automotive Research, which has a partnership with BMW.
  • Clemson’s student-run paper, The Tiger, is the oldest of its kind in the state, having started publication in 1907.
  • One of Clemson’s dorms is named after an ardent racist. I’m not being snarky or making baseless accusations here, the man proudly wore that repugnant badge. When students in 2015 protested and urged the university to rename Tillman Hall, the Board of Trustees refused. Stay classy, Clemson.
  • Clemson was, at one point, a military school.
  • The Tiger boasts a staff of literally almost 100. I have to admit, that’s pretty impressive.

Notable Alumni

  • Former WWE “Oh yeah, that guy!” wrestler Russell “Rory McAllister” Murray (what is it with ACC schools and wrestlers?)
  • Comedian/actor Rob Heubel
  • Comic book writer/artist Jonathan Hickman
  • William “Refrigerator” Perry (I usually avoid sports alumni here, but c’mon man, it’s The Fridge)
  • Mark Tremonti, frontman of the rock band Alter Bridge
  • Strom “Literal Mummy” Thurmond. I wonder if he requested to stay in Tillman Hall...?


  • Longest Tenured Coach: Frank Howard. 30 years (holy cow)
  • Wins Leader: Howard. 165–118–12, though impressively, Dabo Swinney has 106 wins and counting in only 11 seasons. If he hangs around for another decade or so, he’ll likely take it.
  • All-Time Record: 734–459–45 (.611)
  • Postseason Record: 22–20 (.524)
  • Surprising Fact: Clemson is 0-2 all time against Pitt.

Other Things I Learned Writing This Article

  • There is a fraternity literally called FarmHouse. Shock of shocks, Clemson has a chapter.
  • Clemson is spelled C-L-E-M-S-O-N. Thanks, Clemson fight song!

That’s all for this week. Can we shock the world? Probably not, but then again there’s a reason they play the games. Go Deacs.