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BSD Staff Predictions for Clemson

The staff all agree that the Deacs stand no chance in this one

NCAA Football: Clemson at Georgia Tech Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest hosts #4 Clemson on Saturday at BB&T Field, and the staff all agrees this one won’t be pretty for the Deacs.

Bart (5 correct, 0 incorrect)

Clemson 41-Wake Forest 23

Wake could play an excellent game and still lose. I think after the Rice game the Deacs know where to be on both sides of the ball. However, Clemson is one of the top teams in the country and even on the road they know how to take care of business. Tigers jump out to an early lead and it tightens up in the second after the score is out of hand.

Cam (2 correct-Tulane & Towson, 2 incorrect-BC & Notre Dame)

Clemson 49-Wake Forest 24

I think Wake gets on the board in this one and in a big way, but the injuries and inexperience muddy that the rest of the way. If Newman is healthy I wouldn’t be shocked to see both QBs in this game. I think the running attack gets neutralized in a big way as well. So is life but when you’re playing the best/second best team in the country, its hard to be overly optimistic.

Riley (4 correct-Tulane, Towson, BC & Rice, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

Clemson 41-Wake Forest 24

I will take Clemson 41-24. I do think the Wake Forest defense is improving by simplifying everything and making sure the defensive alignments are correct, but in this game it will come down to stopping Travis Etienne and Tavien Feaster in the running game, and I don’t see that happening. It sounds like true freshman Trevor Lawrence will play coming off of a head/neck injury sustained against Syracuse, however I don’t know how many hits Dabo Swinney will want him taking back there, leading to an even more run-heavy offense for the Tigers.

Hopefully the Wake Forest starting quarterback will finally take the field for a game against Clemson, as the past two years we have seen backups play when John Wolford had a minor injury. It will be the toughest test of the season for the Deacs young QB Sam Hartman and the offensive line, as the Clemson D-Line is the best in the nation. I am sure that Clemson DC Brent Venables will sell out to stop Greg Dortch, so Hartman better be ready to connect with another wide receiver or it could be a long day.

Andrew (4 correct-Tulane, Towson, Notre Dame & Rice, 1 incorrect-BC)

Clemson 38-Wake Forest 9

This will be a Saturday to forget for the Deacons.

The Clemson offense has the greatest versatility that the Deacons has faced thus far this year. Their rushing combo on top of their versatility on the receiving corps puts the Deacons defense in a position of uncertainty. Trevor Lawrence will also once again prove to be the best man under center as his arm strength down the field opens up more chunk plays than ever before under Kelly Bryant.

As for the Deacons’ offense, there isn’t much to be optimistic about. They are matched up against a historic defensive line, and it will be interesting to see how they adapt to the pressures up front. Their offensive production is essentially on Greg Dortch’s hands as his efficiency in the open field should translate to how well the team is flowing with the ball. I once again expect a faster pace of play from the offensive, which could prove to be successful early on.

In all, Clemson flat out has the most talent out there on the field. It would be one for the ages if the Deacons could pull off a monumental upset, but I just don’t see that happening this week.

Adam (5 correct, 0 incorrect)

Clemson 45-Wake Forest 24

Clemson’s defense, especially the front 4, is something that concerns me greatly. I foresee the run game struggling to gain ground from the start, resulting in some unpleasant 3rd and long situations for our freshman QB. Some late garbage time TDs from the Deacs will make this one seem closer than it actually was.

Samurai (3 correct-Tulane, Towson & Rice, 2 incorrect-BC & Notre Dame)

Clemson 35-Wake Forest 17

This is pretty much gonna suck. Let’s just hope we can get out of this without any injuries really.

Grumpy (4 correct-Tulane, Towson, BC & Rice, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

Clemson 55-Wake Forest 23

I don’t think there’s much to say here. Clemson is an excellent team on both sides of the ball. I think Wake will put some points up (perhaps the most Clemson has allowed all year) but I don’t think this will be close at any point in the second half. Here’s hoping I’m dead wrong!

Rafael (2 correct-Tulane & Rice, 1 incorrect-BC)

Clemson 38-Wake Forest 24

This is a big statement opportunity for Wake with Clemson not playing that well last week against Syracuse. However, Trevor Lawrence is expected to play and this Clemson D-Line is still the nightmare of any college O-Line coach. If Wake had showed a more consistent defense this season, I’d be be more comfortable to jump into the upset hype train, but this Clemson team is just too talented. Expect the Deacs to keep things close during the first half, but ultimately the Tigers will be too much.

Rob (5 correct, 0 incorrect)

Clemson by a lot. Hope for no injuries and to beat the Noles and the Cardinals.

Elijah (4 correct-Tulane, Towson, Notre Dame & Rice, 1 incorrect-BC)

Clemson 42-Wake Forest 28

Wake gets their crack at Clemson. At the beginning of the year, expectations were high that the Deacs would be 4-1 at this game, getting a chance at home to play well against Kelly Bryant. Now, things have shifted as Trevor Lawrence starts, making this a battle of freshmen quarterbacks. Hartman and Dortch will make some plays against this Clemson team but ultimately is a bit shorthanded in the talent department. The less-than-stellar Wake secondary is unable to slow all of the Clemson weapons.

Edward (5 correct, 0 incorrect)

Clemson 48-Wake Forest 20

Trevor Lawrence should have a field day with this Wake Forest defense. If you gameplan to stop Travis Etienne and Tavien Feaster in the running game as I would expect, Lawrence will have all day to throw to his receivers. If you focus on coverage and getting pressure on Lawrence, Etienne will have another game like he did last week against Syracuse. If anyone can figure out how to stop Greg Dortch, it is defensive coordinator Brent Venables. Cade Carney and Matt Colburn II will be hard pressed to get anything going against Clemson’s defensive line. The only reason this isn’t more of a blowout is that Clemson plays a lot of backups in the second half. Hopefully Sam Hartman actually plays on Saturday, and we don’t see Dave Clawson hold him out of this game like he did with John Wolford the last two years.

Ned (2 correct-Tulane & Rice, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

What do you all think the score will be? Comment below.