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BSD Staff Predictions for Louisville

The staff is much more optimistic about the Deacs’ chances in this one

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

In a battle of teams that are winless in the ACC, Wake Forest takes on Louisville Saturday at noon at Cardinal Stadium.

The Blogger So Dear staff has submitted their weekly predictions, and for the most part they are more optimistic about Wake’s chances in this one.

Andrew (5 correct-Tulane, Towson, Notre Dame, Rice & Clemson, 2 incorrect-BC & Florida State)

Wake Forest 24-Louisville 14

Make no mistake about it. This is a must win for for the Deacons. Having lost four of the last five games, it’s crucial to get back on track with this one. If not, there’s no chance of a potential bowl appearance later this year.

The good news is that they’re they’re facing a Louisville, a team that has disappointed up to this point. Once again, Wake is matchup up against a mobile quarterback under center. They haven’t shown any signs of stopping that approach, and I can see Jawon Pass is a problem both in the passing and running game. Besides that, I don’t see that many playmakers other than Pass on the offensive end that would pose that much of a threat to the team’s defensive unit.

Louisville is also not a fearsome unit on the defensive end. They’ve given up an average of 35 points per game over their last five. This should lead to some much-needed offensive firepower from Sam Hartman and the crew. A fluctuating offense is always a good thing and should be the key factor in this one.

I believe that Wake finds a way to come out of this one victorious. Although the schedule looks bleak ahead, this can very well end up being the last shining moment of the season.

Riley (6 correct-Tulane, Towson, BC, Rice, Clemson & Florida State, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

Wake Forest 35-Louisville 13

Wake Forest wins this one in a blowout.

The Deacs have without a doubt had a bad few weeks and just horrible injury luck (one scholarship linebacker is just ridiculous), but I think the staff will have this team ready to play in what is essentially a “must-win” if it wants to make a bowl game. Louisville is not good at all and it will be interesting to see if Petrino has used the bye week to motivate the team or if they have quit altogether. My guess is on the latter given Petrino’s history of quitting himself.

Elijah (6 correct-Tulane, Towson, Notre Dame, Rice, Clemson & Florida State, 1 incorrect-BC)

Wake Forest 35-Louisville 31

Wake Forest needs to get on track to try and stay bowl eligible. After crushing losses to big players in Notre Dame and Clemson, the Deacs also dropped games in fashion that were simply unexpected. The Deacs will get their chance to try and stay in the bowl eligibility race, by playing Louisville. Both teams are eager to get a conference win and keep their bowl game hopes alive (Wake is 3-4 while Louisville is 2-5).

Look for the Deacs to fight hard in this one and eek out a victory. The offense does just enough to win.

Cam (3 correct-Tulane, Towson & Clemson, 3 incorrect-BC, Notre Dame & Florida State)

Wake Forest 48-Louisville 14

Louisville is trash, Bobby Petrino is a bad person, Matt Colburn for 3 touchdowns. Done

Adam (7 correct, 0 incorrect)

Louisville 34-Wake Forest 31

Both these teams are having subpar years, but I give the edge to the Cardinals simply due to the home field advantage. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Samurai (4 correct-Tulane, Towson, Rice & Clemson, 3 incorrect-BC, Notre Dame & Florida State)

Wake Forest 34-Louisville 21

I still believe.

Rob (7 correct, 0 incorrect)

Louisville 35-Wake Forest 31

I hate to pick against my Deacs in this one, but I still just don’t trust our defense to get enough stops. Louisville’s offense has struggled this year, but we are obviously a cure for struggling offenses (see Notre Dame and Florida State). I fully expect us to put up plenty of points in this contest, but I think Louisville scores late and pulls ahead. Here’s to hoping that Wake wins and keeps bowl chances alive.

Bart (7 correct, 0 incorrect)

Louisville 31-Wake Forest 20

Both teams enter this one badly needing a win. Even though Louisville has struggled this year I can’t imagine that our defense stops much of anybody. The offense will hopefully get back on track after a few difficult weeks. At the end of the day I don’t think it’s enough and Louisville sends Wake tumbling to another loss.

Edward (7 correct, 0 incorrect)

Louisville 27-Wake Forest 24

I really hate to pick against Wake in what is their best chance all year for another win, but I just don't think the defense can get the job done. The offense has become stagnant after the first couple of drives too many times this season, and our defense has been less than stellar against teams that have struggled to score all season. I can’t see Greg Dortch having another four touchdown game like he did last year. Wake has too many injuries and too much inexperience, and loses a close one. Hopefully I’m wrong and Wake still has a chance at a bowl after a win this week.

Grumpy (6 correct-Tulane, Towson, BC, Rice, Clemson & Florida State, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

Rafael (4 correct-Tulane, Rice, Clemson & Florida State, 1 incorrect-BC)

Ned (2 correct-Tulane & Rice, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

How do you all think this one comes out? Do you think Wake gets its first conference win this week?