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Quick Facts: University of Louisville

Let's do this. For all the KFC.

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Vitals

  • Established 1798
  • Located in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 22,640 students
  • $719 million endowment
  • Hugely well regarded as a medical school and research university
  • Motto: It's Happening Here

Other Noteworthy Facts

  • Louisville has had a radio station running since 1968. It's also part of Louisville's "Public Radio Partnership", featuring no less than three NPR affiliates. That's impressive.
  • Louisville's student paper has had financial and editorial independence since 1980. It's run by a group of local media professionals and editorialized by students.
  • Like FSU, Louisville has an on campus movie theater that seats 228. The theater can run both 35 mm and DVD projection.

Notable Alumni

  • Grammy Award winning producer and musician Static Major
  • Broadcast journalist Bob Edwards
  • Football legend Johnny Unitas
  • She didn't graduate, but journalism legend Diane Sawyer attended
  • James Patterson, co-founder of multiple restaurant chains, including Long John Silvers, Rally's Hamburgers, and Chi-Chi's
  • Mitch McConnell, but I'll try not to hold that against them. Probably unsuccessfully.


  • Longest Tenured Coach: Frank Camp, 22 years
  • Wins Leader: Camp, 118–95–2 (.554)
  • All-Time Record: 512–459–17 (.527)
  • Bowl Record: 10–11–1 (.477)
  • Surprising Fact: Louisville has not one, but two one year head coaches who went winless. Back to back, no less.

Other Things I Learned Writing This Article

  • Louisville has no actors, actresses, or pop culture celebrity alumni (at least according to Wikipedia). For a public university of its size, that surprised me quite a bit.
  • While multiple fast food chains are connected to an alumnus, KFC isn't among them. Does Colonel Sanders have an honorary doctorate?

That's all for this week, y'all. On to the next. Go Deacs.