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BSD Staff Predictions for Florida State

The staff give their predictions ahead of a matchup of 3-3 teams looking to creep closer to a bowl game

NCAA Football: Florida State at Miami Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Ahead of Saturday’s matchup of 3-3 teams in Tallahassee, the BSD staff give their predictions for Wake Forest versus Florida State. We all predicted the Deacs to lose to Clemson, but none of us expected the complete and total annihilation that we saw two weeks ago.

Andrew (5 correct-Tulane, Towson, Notre Dame, Rice & Clemson, 1 incorrect-BC)

Wake Forest 24-Florida State 21

This will be the first time that Wake matches up against a team of its stature this season. The two squads are also coming off their respected byes and should be locked in heading into Saturday.

I believe this game will come down to a few key drives late in the fourth quarter. Wake is going up against a mobile quarterback in Deondre Francois who will give their defense a scheme than the conventional QBs they’ve played this year. FSU has also been able to spread the football well in the passing game. It’ll be interesting to see how Wake’s defense decides to matchup against this approach.

The Seminoles have never allowed a 100-yard performance on the ground this season. With Wake’s running scheme involving a dual-threat option, I don’t see them reaching that century mark by just one of them. I predict Sam Hartman will have a bounce-back game as the Clemson matchup was a big wake up call for the offense. Expect them to get back on track this go around.

In all, this is a pivotal opportunity for Wake. By starting off with a win, it can carry the moral which could lead to much-needed success during this latter stretch.

Elijah (5 correct-Tulane, Towson, Notre Dame, Rice & Clemson, 1 incorrect-BC)

Florida State 28-Wake Forest 24

The Deacs hope to use the bye week better than the Seminoles did as Wake travels to Tallahassee. Before the season started, many people were quick to chalk up the talent being elite at FSU, with expectations running high for new coach Willie Taggart. Not so fast, as the Seminoles have struggled with losses to Virginia Tech, Syracuse, and a heartbreaker to Miami. As Wake Forest has just completed a tough sled of games (Clemson and Notre Dame in the past three contests), the Deacs will try to get on track as WR Greg Dortch hobbles back into health.

Unfortunately, not having the best player healthy will prove the difference for Wake Forest as the Seminoles flex their talent just a little bit too strong on the Deacs.

Riley (5 correct-Tulane, Towson, BC, Rice & Clemson, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

Florida State 23-Wake Forest 17

Florida State opened as a 10 point favorite and it has stayed right around there. I don’t really know what to expect out of this one considering both teams are coming out of their bye week. It gave the Deacs a chance to get healthy, but it sounds like there are still some concerns, particularly surrounding Greg Dortch and whether or not he can go. I will guess that since we moved Jaquarii Roberson to the backup slot position that Dortch will be a scratch on Saturday.

My guess is this will be a low-scoring game where the under is surprisingly hit. Due to that I would probably take the Deacs with the points, but the Noles to get the win.

Bart (6 correct, 0 incorrect)

Florida State 34-Wake Forest 20

Florida State hasn’t been great on offense so far this season, but they’ve seemingly been putting some pieces together and moving in the right direction. On the other hand, Wake’s defense hasn’t shown theability to stop much of anybody and even though Clemson and Notre Dameare both very good teams, allowing 60+ points and almost 700 yards toteams is bad regardless of who you’re playing. Wake’s offense will get back on track after the Clemson game and put points on the board, but a lot hinges on Dortch’s ability to play. The defense continuesto struggle and FSU is able to hang up enough to top the Deacs.

Rob (6 correct, 0 incorrect)

Florida State 31-Wake Forest 24

Wake Forest should benefit from facing a Florida State offense that has struggled this season, but Wake has also been a cure for offenses who have entered the games with struggling offenses. This is definitely a game that Wake Forest can win, and the advanced stats like the Deacs more than the oddsmakers do, but I see Wake Forest hanging tight before FSU pulls away with a late score. I hope to be proven wrong, and that the Deacs can kickoff the second half of the season with a win and move to 4-3.

Samurai (4 correct-Tulane, Towson, Rice & Clemson, 2 incorrect-BC & Notre Dame)

Wake Forest 27-Florida State 20

Florida State has had... questionable line play on both sides of the ball, so our defense can disrupt their offense just enough to get the job done and the offense has a lot more success playing a team that isn’t top 5.

Rafael (3 correct-Tulane, Rice & Clemson, 1 incorrect-BC)

Florida State 42-Wake Forest 24

Both teams are coming off a bye week with a 3-3 record and its fair share of disappointment for this season. However, the Seminoles are coming off a nearly upset against then No. 17 Miami on the road, which is definitely a progress compared to their early ACC games against Virginia Tech and Syracuse. The same can’t be said by Wake Forest whose last game was a complete 60-points annihilation by Clemson at home. The Deacs haven’t shown us yet they can compete in the ACC. Through three games against ACC opponents and Notre Dame, they have allowed 53.3 points on defense per contest. This is just horrible. I believe they will play better against FSU, but ultimately they won’t be able to keep the game close down the stretch.

Cam (3 correct-Tulane, Towson & Clemson, 2 incorrect-BC & Notre Dame)

Wake Forest 31-Florida State 28

I have no reasoning this is pure guy. Plz Wake.

Edward (6 correct, 0 incorrect)

Florida State 33-Wake Forest 27

Both teams come into this game at 3-3 and coming off a bye week. Florida State is having a second straight down year, and their offensive line has been glaringly bad. They’ve also given up several opportunities they should have had to win, and lost some close ones. But Wake Forest has given up 41, 56, and 63 points to Boston College, Notre Dame, and Clemson respectively. Perhaps things will improve slightly with opportunities for healing and learning a new defensive scheme over the bye week, but with Greg Dortch being much less than 100% and the game being in Tallahassee I’m not optimistic about this one.

Grumpy (5 correct-Tulane, Towson, BC, Rice & Clemson, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

Florida State 38-Wake Forest 30

I’m very interested to see what (if anything) is different (1) after the bye and (2) against a team that has been thoroughly mediocre this season. However, I can’t make myself be optimistic about this one. I fear we’ll allow FSU to score their season-high in points. I hope our offense will at least bounce back from the Clemson throttling.

Adam (6 correct, 0 incorrect)

Florida State 31-Wake Forest 24

I’m very interested to see what improvements the Deacs have made in the bye week. FSU has struggled this season, so I can definitely see this one being close late, but ultimately I think the home field advantage gives the Noles the win

Ned (2 correct-Tulane & Rice, 1 incorrect-Notre Dame)

How do you all think this game will go? Do you think the Deacs will come out on top?