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Gametime Announced: Wake Forest at Louisville, 12:00 EST, RSN

One team is really bad this year! And it’s not Wake!

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest will head on up to Louisville on October 27th, with a less than surprising 12:00 kickoff on RSN. This will be an interesting match-up depending on how Wake performs against Florida State this week.

Louisville has been in an absolute free-fall this year, giving UNC a run for their money for the basement of the ACC. All optimism aside this should be the first time in recent memory that Wake Forest will be favored over the motorcycle-crashing Bobby Petrinos, I mean the rambling Papa John’s, Louisville Cardinals.

If Wake Forest shows up against Florida State then I’m going to go ahead and chalk this one up as an easy win just due to how bad Louisville has been. However if Wake goes and lays a massive egg... then this noon kickoff is more than deserved even though I am firmly driving the train of #BanNoonGames.

We will continue to have all the coverage here and hot takes waiting for you all.

As Always,

Go Deacs.