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Thoughts in Brief: Boston College

That was brutal, but I’m not as discouraged as one might think. Let’s talk why.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports
  • Let’s not bury the lede here; Chaundee Brown, good LORD. The freshman was a monster, scoring 20 points on 12 shots, including 6-7 from deep, How is that even possible? He also chipped in 6 boards.
  • On that note, none of our starters had fewer than 4 boards. That’s good. Our guards have gotten a lot better at helping on the glass, and that has been a weakness in the past. I’m a lot more inclined to forgive bad offensive outings if they’re contributing other ways, and all of our guards have been showing growth there.
  • We held Boston College to 37.5% shooting, and a paltry 31.8% from deep. When you combine that with the rebounding edge being 50-39 in favor of the Deacs, that’s probably enough to win you a good 95% of games.
  • The bad news; Wake Forest also played offense. They shot 35% for the game, and a seemingly pretty good 46.2% from deep until you remember that percentage was boosted by 3 or 4 late attempts in a row hitting net for the Deacs when the game was already over. Also, 14 assists to 15 turnovers. Yikes
  • I will say, that was one of the better “going down swinging against seemingly insurmountable odds” last stretches I’ve seen. Steals, near steals, quick was a valiant effort and while it didin’t matter here, if we can channel that spirit into other games, we might pull off some shockers.
  • Why we didn’t see more Chaundee is beyond me. He’d better start and see at least see 20 MPG, even after Keyshawn Woods returns.
  • That game was bowling shoe ugly but I feel like some people forget we were a late three away from winning in Chapel Hill two games ago. Every losiing game seems to be the new worst thing ever, and any success immediately vanishes into the ether.

Regardless, we won’t win games with offense like that, period. Let’s hope they find their stroke against Virginia Tech, huh?

On to the next. Go Deacs.