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Wake Forest vs Florida State Simulation

Wake Forest v Appalachian State Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

The Simulation™ is now 2-0 after correctly predicting that the Deacs would beat App State by a small margin last weekend. This week, Wake Forest takes on the Florida State Seminoles; Let’s see what the computer think is going to happen in this one. Again, we have used the groundbreaking program, NCAA Football 14, in order to simulate 10 games and record the results from each game.

As you can see, The Simulation™ likes the Noles by just over 4 points in this game, which is a few points fewer than the current spread of 7.5. It also shows the Deacs winning 4 out of the 10 of the games, giving the Deacs a better chance than the ESPN Matchup Predictor, which has the Deacs winning just under 3 out of 10 games (28.7%). While it hasn’t been wrong yet, clearly The Simulation™ has predicting this game incorrectly and needs to be adjusted for next week.

Florida State fan’s reaction when they lose:

Wake fans: