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Roll The Quadcast: Recapping App State and Previewing Florida State

Rob and Riley discuss the App State win.

Rob and Riley got together for a Monday edition of “Roll The Quadcast”. A typical Sunday episode would have been recorded, but neither had their voice after attending the game in Boone on Saturday (reasonable problem to have).

This was a full 45 minute episode, and in it they discussed:

  • An overview of the 20-19 Wake Forest victory over App State
  • Were the Deacs too conservative late in the game?
  • Is the running back rotation being handled well?
  • Revisiting preseason expectations after the four games
  • How Wake has done so far in their eyes, and where things can improve
  • What are realistic expectations for the season now?
  • A look at Florida State’s bizarre season thus far
  • What is the most important aspect of the game Saturday against FSU?
  • Where does the game on Saturday rank as far as importance of a game since 2010?

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