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Wake Forest Bowl Projections Roundup After Week 4

The Deacs are 4-0, let’s take a look around the internet to see where it could wind up bowling

Military Bowl - Temple v Wake Forest Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

With Wake Forest starting 4-0 it is officially time to start taking a look at some bowl projections. The Deacs still need to win two more games to become bowl eligible, but according to Football Study Hall there is a 90%+ chance of that occurring. That's good enough for me to start the speculating.

SBNation: Wake Forest vs. Vanderbilt (Independence Bowl, Shreveport, LA)

ESPN: 1. Wake Forest vs. Texas A&M (Independence Bowl)

2. Wake Forest vs. South Carolina (Independence Bowl)

CBSSports: Did Not Appear (questionable decision making in here)

The most likely landing spot right now is the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, taking on an SEC team. While Shreveport is not really the most stellar of destinations to go to in late December (December 27th at 1:30 on ESPN to be exact), the chances to play a high profile SEC team would be a pretty good reward for a season with an absurdly difficult schedule.

We will continue to track the projections as we move along in the season, and especially once the Deacs become bowl eligible.