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BSD Recruit Report: Homecoming & Official Visit Weekend

Ned and Whit bring another edition of the BSD Recruit Report before a very important weekend

It is not a stretch to say that this weekend is one of the biggest recruiting weekends in quite some time for the Wake Forest Demon Deacon basketball program. When something this big is happening it needs to be assessed, dissected, and explored from every angle possible.

Fortunately that is exactly what is done in the most recent episode of the BSD Recruit Report. Ned and Whit come back with a very timely edition of the podcast to take a look at the weekend as a whole.

If you haven’t listened to one of these podcasts before then I cannot recommend them highly enough, and this is certainly the one that you want to listen to so you are up-to-date on the basketball recruiting front to impress all of your friends at the Homecoming tailgate tomorrow.

The duo run down who is on campus, who is likely to commit first, why this weekend is important, and what it means to the future of the basketball program. All of this is done in a bite-sized 20 minute episode.

Also, if you have not subscribed already to Blogger So Dear Radio then I implore you to do so, if not just for the BSD Recruit Report podcasts! They will come directly to you iPhone or podcast listening device of choice!