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Projected Wake Forest Football Two-Deep Depth Chart

The season is just three and a half weeks away. Here’s our look at a projected depth chart.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The first scrimmage of the fall gives the staff a great chance to see how the players look in a live setting against each other. It also provides an excellent snapshot into who the staff has starting at this current point in time.

While first, second, and even third teams can be mixed up a bit depending on who is available to play, injured, etc, it does give a reasonable look into what the mindset of the staff is with just three and a half weeks before the season opener against Presbyterian.

We did a Two Deep Spring Look in April, and quite frankly we nailed a lot of the two-deep, so this one has some minor tweaks, primarily based on the freshmen that have stuck out.

There is no doubt that some of these projections, especially when we got into the third team, could prove to be incorrect once the official depth chart is released, but based on the comments and quotes of the coaches, as well as what was shown on the field Saturday, this is our best shot at the current depth chart.

A few notes:

  • The biggest “third-string” battle that everybody wants to know about is between RS freshman Arkeem Byrd and true freshman Christian Beal at running back. Both got a lot of carries on Saturday but I don’t think anybody has differentiated himself yet. This could be on ongoing battle into the season.
  • With the addition of Steven Claude back to the roster it makes for some interesting competition at the S-Receiver spot. I still think that Chuck Wade will start, but there will be plenty of snaps for both Alex Bachm and Claude at the position as well.
  • Defensively we continue to see the line stick out with tremendous talent. True freshman Mike Allen would probably start at any other position this year if he had the talent that he has at DE. Due to the sheer talent there he may not get a ton of playing time this year, but I do expect him to see the field.
  • In the secondary we got some insight from Coach Clawson when he mentioned that Tyriq Harmon and Thomas Dillon are the likely backup options at the safety position. With Traveon Redd out for a substantial amount of time with an elbow injury the safety spots are pretty lacking as far as good depth.
  • One of the more surprising things on Saturday was the fact that Essang Bassey and Amari Henderson both started at cornerback. I expected grad transfer Cedric Files to take on of those spots, and he still may when it’s all said and done. Behind those three guys is a freshman, and Ja’Sir Taylor has looked pretty good so far.