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BSD Roundtable: Wake Forest vs. Presbyterian Predictions

The Blogger So Dear Staff offers their picks for the season opener.

Elon v Wake Forest Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Wake Forest kicks off the season tonight against Presbyterian at 6:30 P.M. Eastern Time in Winston-Salem. The Demon Deacons should take care of business relatively easily, but let’s see what the Blogger So Dear staff thinks will happen on the gridiron on opening night.

Riley: Wake Forest 45 - 10

This one should be set to cruise control pretty early on with Wolford, Hinton, and Newman all getting meaningful snaps at the QB position. I want to see Carney and Colburn take care of business on the ground so Byrd and possibly Beal can get in the backfield a good bit. If the Deacs can avoid giving up a touchdown on a skip pass that would be nice as well. I think Presbyterian gets on the board late against the 3rd string Wake players, but this game is a "tell me what number you want us to hang and we will do it."

Rob: Wake Forest 52-3

Call me optimistic, call me a homer, or call me drunk on a weekday morning, but I think Wake Forest can have a respectable offense this year. If we don't put up 40+ against Presbyterian, then that does not bode well for the rest of the season. Our defense may have a few kinks to work out given the loss of several starters, as well as a new defensive coordinator, but Presbyterian would struggle to score a lot against the Mt. Tabor Spartans. I like our Deacs to win big.

Adam: Wake Forest 31-6

The Deacs with the momentum and excitement built up from last season combined with everyone being healthy, wake forest should have no trouble beating the blue hose. A big day on the ground from carney and colburn should set up the offense for some highlight plays through the air.

Marc: Wake Forest 13-3

Clawson likes to keep things close to the vest in season openers. Remember last year, when he strategically limited the offense to 175 yards and 10 first downs, knowing it would be just enough to squeak out a 7-3 win over Tulane?

Bart: Wake Forest 42-3

Presbyterian is one of the worst teams in the FCS and is coming off an abysmal year. This is going to be a "pick the score" type game and really depends on how long the starters stay in. It's entirely possible that Presby will score a TD off a defensive TD, special teams TD, or long play but I think it's unlikely. Wake dominates throughout and does so with a relatively vanilla playbook as it eases into the season with a 1-0 start.

Ned: Wake Forest 41-14

Wake's offense this year is loaded with talent from front to back and Wolford should have plenty of time to find it in the pocket. Three QB's play, Arkeem Byrd and Scotty Washington breakout, and the D stays strong through 4 quarters. 1-0 and on to BC.

Elijah: Wake Forest 42-10

The Deacs start off the year with a win against a subpar opponent. Look for the Deacs to try and air things out a bit more and build some confidence. If they can't, I'll start drinking now

Ed: Wake Forest 52-10

My mother is a PC grad, and thus won't be happy with me for this prediction (sorry Mom!), but I just don't see the smallest school in Division 1 being able to keep up with Deacs. Anything less than a 4 touchdown victory is cause for concern for the rest of the season. It will be interesting to see if our new Demon Deacon got some of that North Carolina sun, and see what he looks like in person versus pictures. Overall I'm just excited for football season, and looking forward to another great year of cheering on the Deacs!

Samurai: Wake 28-7

Vegas Line: Wake Forest 42 - Presbyterian 3 (O/U of 44.5, Wake favored by 40)

Average Score: Wake Forest 38 - Presbyterian 7

What does everybody else think???