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BSD Roundtable: Game-by-Game Season Predictions for Wake Forest

The Blogger So Dear staff takes a stab at game-by-game predictions for Wake Forest football this season.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Indiana Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

With the football season kicking off on Thursday for Wake Forest, we wanted to go ahead and make sure to get the staff’s game-by-game predictions for the year. Obviously these picks could change on a week in, week out basis once the skill level of opponents (and our beloved Deacs) is discovered.

However we will revisit these predictions at the end of the season and relentlessly mock the collective failures of the Blogger So Dear.

Let’s see how the staff thinks things will shape up for the coming year:

  • Everybody except Riley thinks Wake Forest will get to 6-6 and its second bowl game in a row, while he has the Deacs finishing 5-7.
  • There is a solid three week gap where the staff feels Wake won’t win a game between Florida State, @ Clemson, and @ Georgia Tech.
  • They do however believe unanimously that Wake Forest will defeat Boston College in #therivalry and also beat Duke on Thanksgiving weekend. That Duke game should shape up to be a big one.
  • Also interesting in the unanimous thought that Wake will defeat Syracuse on the road. That should be an evenly matched contest that is a toss-up either way.

What do you guys think, will Wake Forest get to the 6 wins necessary to go bowling or fall short?

Comments are always welcome, especially on topics like this!