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Wake Forest Football: Quarterback Situation

Discussing the Wake Forest quarterback situation less than 10 days before the season begins.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Duke Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Death. Taxes. Wake Forest Quarterback Competition. Despite Clawson naming a starter months ago, there is still seemingly another legitimate quarterback competition in Winston-Salem. Senior John Wolford has put up some very impressive numbers during the scrimmages this camp, and has given Dave Clawson a lot to consider. The depth chart will likely be released on Friday, and the quarterback position will be met with great anticipation.

There has been much discussion on this website, and other Wake Forest sites, about this position. I do look forward to seeing Hinton play against Presbyterian (as both will definitely play in that game) where he will have an opportunity to run in a real situation, and not just be ruled down when a defender gets anywhere close. It will be important to figure it out early on, since that Boston College game in week 2 is arguably our most important game of the season.

Thanks as always to Mark for having me on his show to talk Wake Forest. Be sure to check out articles later this week where we discuss reasons to be concerned and preview the schedule. For all things college football, be sure to follow Mark @MarkRogersTV and check out his YouTube channel.

What do you all think that Clawson will do? What do you all think that Clawson should do?