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Ranking the Wake Forest Football Schedule on Excitement Level

What game are the BSD writers most excited about? The answers might surprise you.

NCAA Football: Miami at Appalachian State Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Blogger So Dear staff was polled and asked to rank the Wake Forest 2017 football schedule on excitement level from 1-12. The most excited game received a 1, while the least exciting game received a 12.

This is an interesting snapshot because it brings five Wake students/graduates, but only two of whom are from NC, while the other three are from other states on the eastern seaboard.

The rankings are below, with the table attached for reference. I will say, first place is a bit of a shocker!

  1. @ Appalachian State (2.40 average ranking)
  2. @ Boston College (3.40)
  3. Louisville (3.60)
  4. Duke (4.20)
  5. N.C. State (4.60)
  6. Florida State (6.60)
  7. @ Georgia Tech (7.00)
  8. @ Syracuse (7.20)
  9. Utah State (7.80)
  10. @ Notre Dame (9.00)
  11. Presbyterian (10.20)
  12. @ Clemson (11.20)

Some thoughts on the survey numbers in bulletpoint form:

  • Appalachian State winning the survey is somewhat surprising, but not completely out of left field. Most Wake fans likely have the App game in their top three games of the season due to NC ties, friends who go there, or memories of playing them in the past. While Louisville and Duke both had some higher numbers, everybody except Ned had App in their top 3, including two No. 1 votes.
  • #therivalry coming in second place should surprise absolutely no one given how much we despise our feathery foes of Chestnut Hill.
  • If we polled the entire Wake fan base that Louisville may have come out on top, but given the idea that Wake will likely be a reasonable underdog, it may have taken some of the excitement out a couple of our writers.
  • The fact that our fan base is more excited about playing Presbyterian than playing at Clemson is somewhat humorous, although it would be interesting to see how that would change if Presbyterian wasn’t the first game on the schedule.
  • Notre Dame ranking 10th is a bit surprising since the game takes place in South Bend, but the likelihood of a win in that game is somewhat low, so that was likely taken into consideration as well.

We would love to hear from you guys on which games you are most excited about so hit us up in the comment section below!