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BSD Roundtable: What Game Do You Want to Win the Most This Season?

The BSD staff gives their picks to the game they want Wake Forest to win most.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

We are 15 days away from the college football season beginning, so our coverage will soon turn to actual game week articles after next week. Until then we will continue to break down parts of the team and also providing some roundtable discussions about the year.

Today we asked the staff “what game this season do you want Wake Forest to win the most (for whatever reason)?” Pretty simple and straightforward and doesn’t put any stipulations on the statistical likelihood of it happening.

Let’s see the answers (not surprisingly there was a popular choice):

Ed: Louisville

It would give us the signature win we've been lacking recently, and would be a great way to put any lasting impacts of WakeyLeaks behind us.

Adam: Louisville

Besides the fact that they are a good team with the best player in college football, they are also just the worst.

Rob: Louisville

We've come close to winning before, and this would give Clawson his first victory over a marquee opponent. In addition to all of that, it would also do wonders for our bowl chances.

Cam: Florida State

Florida state(not just so I don't have to eat crow for my article) if Wake pulls off an upset of what is regarded as the best team in the acc this year that's enough for me

Riley: Clemson

While I went back and forth on this a few different times, I think the answer has to be Clemson. The Tigers are the defending ACC and National Champions, and the game is in Death Valley. If there are no parameters on having to pick a likely game to win, I am going with this one. A win over Clemson down there would give Wake Forest a national stage for an upset win, and would also likely mean that the Deacs have a very good team this year.