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Roll The Quadcast: Wake Forest Football Offensive Preview

Rob and Riley preview the Wake Forest football offense

This week’s Roll The Quadcasast previewed the Wake Forest Demon Deacons offense and what fans can expect to see this year. The second scrimmage of the fall was on Saturday, and John Wolford continued to impress. This led to more discussion from Rob and Riley on the Wolford vs. Kendall Hinton quarterback picture.

Key topics brought up in the 45 minute podcast include:

  • Who is the third running back behind Cade Carney and Matt Colburn?
  • Which wide receiver will emerge from the pack to be THE guy on the season?
  • What are realistic goals for points per game, as well as yardage numbers for the offense this year?
  • Will the offensive line be improved, and if not, then what needs to be done to make it successful moving forward?

Next week the podcast will go over the defense and special teams, and the final Sunday before the football season kicks off will be dedicated to a look at Presbyterian and expectations for week one.

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