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CBS Sports Releases Annual College Football “Hot Seat” Article

Where does Dave Clawson fall?

NCAA Football: Virginia at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The annual tradition of CBS Sports in July is to release the list of NCAA FBS coaches on the hot seat, and that came out today. This isn’t just merely a “who needs to watch their back”, but a comprehensive look at all of the coaches ranked on a 0-5 scale with regards to their job security.

I recommend reading the article in its entirety as it’s interesting to look at the other schools and its coaches, but the scale ranges from:

5 - Win or be fired (2 coaches)

4 - Start improving now (4 coaches)

3 - Pressure is mounting (15 coaches)

2 - All good ... for now (31 coaches)

1 - Safe and secure (66 coaches)

0 - Untouchable (12 coaches)

Wake Forest head football coach Dave Clawson was assigned a “2 - All good...for now” grade.

Given the 13-24 overall record through three years, but a bowl berth last year, and obvious upward trajectory, I think this is a fair assessment of where Coach Clawson should fall.

Obviously there will always be a few questions when you have a scale like this that is less nuanced and in-depth than a detailed look/comparison of every coach. For example, Coach Clawson is obviously “safe and secure” right now given he just got a contract extension.

The “safe and secure” list features over half the coaches in FBS, and I think a real argument could be made that Clawson should fall on this list, but I understand why CBS ranked Clawson where he did, which was likely a decision made based on his overall record and lack of knowledge about Wake Forest and its football history.

What do y’all think? Should he be ranked in the “safe and secure” list definitively, or do you agree with the ranking CBS gave him?